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Judith B.

9 February 2019

In my 50+ years of dog ownership (my current pack is 4 wonderful, well-behaved big dogs) I've dealt with dozens of trainers and attended lot's of training seminars. I've never met anyone as intuitive, sensitive and knowledgeable as Karen! I wish I'd found her years ago when I had some real problems. She recently helped me deal with problems related to my fostering some puppies. Her approach has been to find the best solution to the current situation and create a solution that reflects that, not some rigid rule about "what you should do" as opposed to what you can do based on sometimes not ideal realities. Her attention to my emotional needs throughout this very trying time were unbelievable.She's the best and you will be blessed if you trust her wisdom. More...


Elaine T.

31 October 2018

Karen helped me tremendously with my new puppy. She clarified issues that were personal to me and put things in a much needed perspective. She’s hands on and explained things clearly. We are indebted. I highly recommend Karen for anyone who needs help with their puppy More...


Patti B.

4 August 2018

It had been 20 years since we had a puppy and my knowledge of training a pup was minimal even then. With our new puppy, I wanted to start her right, hoping for later involvement in therapy work. Enrolling in ‘Aunt Karen’s’ start right puppy program has not only challenged me, it has taught me foundational aspects to go forward in any path of dog training. Whether I choose to have a well trained house companion, a therapy dog or a trickster with great agility, I am now aware of the dynamics needed. Karen’s knowledge of dog behavior and human interactions enlightened me to the positive behavior approach in training. Most importantly, my Sadie loved Aunt Karen. It was amazing to see the resulting behavior of positive training. More...


Rebecca B.

27 December 2017

This was without doubt the BEST call we made since getting our new puppy! We are first time owners and was uneducated to say the least! Within 24 hours we saw the changes in our pup that we had hoped for! He slept quietly through the night the very first night we did her program!.... therefore so did we!!!! He didn’t have an accident with her program! Aunt Karen took the time (and trust me to explain everything we needed to know it was quality time) to share with us her knowledge with a free consultation and followed up with us without even asking! We will be absolutely be hiring her consultion throughout the growth of our puppy!! Everything that she advised us to do to make the changes we needed happened!! She knows her stuff!! Check out all her certifications and qualifications because we have learned there are only a handful in NC that have received the same education she has. I cannot say enough good or give enough stars! I would hate to think of what we would have put our puppy through without making the call to Aunt Karen!! She was a blessing! THANK YOU AUNT KAREN! More...


Kathy K.

19 November 2017

My husband and I recently adopted liter mates a male and female Rottweiler. At 12 weeks we knew we were going to need some help with these two puppies. I made the call to Aunt Karen and she gave me much needed information over the phone and sent me many e-mails appropriate for puppy training. After our first session we were "hooked", our pups were so excited and reacted so positive to Aunt Karens commands and gestures and loved her treats. We are now into our 5th week and we are so delighted with our progress, we take them to stores, car rides and meet many people. Our pups are relaxed and now socialized to many external environment distractions. It is a commitment on our part as humans to try and communicate with our fur babies. We could not have done this without Aunt Karen's knowledge and patience. If you make the decision to adopt a dog please call Aunt Karen to help you all adjust to this new family member. More...


Mary S.

24 September 2017

Karen is a wonderful dog trainer. My dog immediately loved her, and so did I. I was making things complicated, she made them simple. She helped me understand my dog's behavior and how I needed to fix my own. In one week I have a new dog. It has been a wonderful experience. She goes above and beyond. She even brought over a new crate, pen, Kong, stuffed toy, dinner and breakfast for my dog to get me started. Went out of her way and comes to your own home. She's a blessing. Highly recommend her as your trainer, too. More...


Karen L.

16 August 2017

Great trainer of people and canines. Aunt Karen will listen to your concerns and design a custom solution for your dog on your schedule to address what you need for your family dog! This is not a scripted delivery of info you can easily find for yourself. Aunt Karen is a Certified Behavior Consultant and that makes a big difference in what you are getting for your time and your money! More...


Nic B.

18 May 2017

Aunt Karen has helped us tremendously with our Great Dane puppy. She uses a positive reinforcement technique that works well with our gentle giant. Karen is very knowledgeable about dog training, psychology, and physiology. We look forward to working with her now and onward. More...


Emily A.

15 March 2017

Aunt Karen is a savior! Seriously.We (I say we, but my husband would say it was all my idea) brought home a 6 month rescued mutt at the wrong time. With a much older dog, couple cats, 3 year old human child and baby on the way it was bad timing! Meeko was instantly loved, but the stressful time in our lives on top of his anxiety from his prior life didn't mesh well. He was nippy with our toddler, destroying the house and was driving me insane. I spent much of my maternity leave chasing him through the neighborhood. I was done! Then I called Karen and she saved us. She took one look at our life and was basically like "I will help you". First she taught us management - fixing our fence, creating safe areas for him etc.. - After that she trained us humans on how to lower his anxiety. She even bought a stuffed dog you could color on for my toddler. She brought it over and they traced hands where it was ok for her to touch Meeko. I mean, who does that?! She's the best and now she's family!! More...


Sarah S.

13 March 2017

Would give 10 stars if I could. She is helping US to turn our two maniac dogs into well-behaved pets. She is so thorough and only uses positive reinforcement. Really Really impressed. Wish we could have her every week for a year! More...


April H.

12 March 2017

Life with a toddler, a 2.5 yo Beagle x Jack Russell and a 5 mo Rottweiler x Standard Poodle felt like chaos before we met Aunt Karen. I managed to teach them (the dogs) a few impractical tricks (like shake and high five) before she came along, but I didn't have a clue when it came to teaching them anything useful. The toy stealing was constant and the battles for attention never-ending. Since training with Aunt Karen, we all have more peace. Now we feel better equipped to help our dogs meet their potential and be the best they can be. She is knowledgeable, insightful, resourceful, great with my daughter and always responsive to our needs and concerns, however great or small. Dogs and people alike truly should feel LUCKY to find her. Always gentle and confident in her methods, you can tell she sincerely cares. More...


Chuck L.

12 March 2017

We knew we needed help to learn to better manage our sweet, but reactive Rottweiler 'Jasmine'. Aunt Karen has been great! Everyone is learning. We have become much more savvy dog handlers through Karen's coaching, and Jasmine loves working with her! One thing we really appreciate is how helpful Karen has been in helping us with resources, information, and support. There is no one I could recommend more highly for working with a pet. Thanks, Karen! More...


Hanna T.

21 February 2017

My husband and I were so excited to adopt a dog the day after Thanksgiving. He seemed just perfect- completely house trained, great with children, and knew basic commands! Woohoo! But then we took him on a walk in Carrier Park. It was a nightmare. He constantly barked, lunged, growled, pulled on the leash, and would not give us the time of day. He was a completely different (and a really really bad) pup outside. It got so bad I avoided taking him for walks at all because it was so stressful. Our dreams of taking him to the dog park or going on weekend hikes started to feel impossible.Then we found Aunt Karen. We have only had four sessions with her and we feel like she's changed our lives. We've taken him on several long walks, a couple of hikes, and even the dog park! She has worked tirelessly to educate us and has basically trained all of us. Karen is thorough, patient, and incredibly intuitive. We couldn't be more pleased with our puppy's progress. More...