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Aumcore is a Digital Marketing Agency offering solutions from creative campaigns to SEO and web design driven by results. With a people-centric perspective, Aumcore is able to adopt the voice of your business and resonate with your target audience.

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Matthew Fritschle

24 April 2019

Extremely professional agency with a well-rounded and responsive team.


Kristina Petrick

17 August 2018

Great company to work for with a team that's driven for the success of the clients.

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Strategic Services A strategy is a designed action for the single purpose of accomplishing goals. At Aumcore, our thinking process is defined by your measure of success. To reach those goals, we leverage a combination of our technical and creative prowess that spans the globe. In doing so, we are able to provide diverse concepts through our AumThink process, delivering a strategy that will get you the results. User Experience Design, Communications, Social Media, Content Plan, SEO, Research, Brand Strategy

After an optimized strategy is in place, execution begins. And while traditional marketing content may highlight features of a product or service itself, consumers are looking for more of an intimate connection. It’s about the story, generating a personal experience and creating an emotional experience between you and your client. Storytelling allows the message to be portrayed in such a way that it is intertwined into the lifestyle of the target audience. At Aumcore, it’s our passion to generate creative content that relays a powerful message, and connects with the consumers and businesses on an emotional level. Infographic, Video, Photography, Copywriting, Brand Identity, Print Design, Digital Design, User Interface

Technology development innovation is our strength. With years of experience, a globally resourced team of technology specialists, strategic thinkers, and offices around the world – we specialize in generating ideas, and have the force and technical backbone to carry them out. We leverage our marketing and technology knowledge, blending insight and creativity to help solve business initiatives. From developing mobile apps to multi device compatible solutions to handling Enterprise platform integrations - we build solutions to meet the needs of your business today and in the future. If the technology isn’t available on the market – in some cases, we create it. Digital Asset Management, CMS, Platform Integration, Platform Development, Mobile App, Web