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Carlita Amos

15 June 2019

We had an awesome experience at the summer camp. The staff is super talented and very hands on. The equipment and technology is top notch. Dr. Henry Panion is so down to earth and really has a heart for children interested in music. I would definitely recommend this camp. More...


Wiley S.

24 May 2018

Professional recording for any need. Tried and true


Eric White

29 June 2017

Man where do I start these Guys were Awesome from Day one very professional and Approachable. just Down to earth it was and Honor to have them as the Chosen Recording technician's looking forward to working with them in the future God Bless U Both!


Mia Matthews

23 June 2017

Love love love this place!! Loved recording with Dr. Pinion and everyone else!! �


Joey CrimZn Cipriano

13 August 2016

I loved recording there when I lived in the ham, deff the spot to record in bama