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Address: 158 Bridge Rd, #D, Salisbury, MA 01952, USA
Fax: 978-465-0067

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Louise Stilphen

26 February 2019

I have enjoyed Dr.Anderdon’s care and expertise at Audiology Network Services since 1986. Beyond skillful testing, she has guided me in the selection of the best technology to meet my particular needs. If you are considering hearing aids, please know that the benefits of the newest technology is light years from where I started. Throw out everything you heard from your parents or grandparents. My newest hearing aids have taken me from the limitations of a severely hearing-impaired person to functioning nearly normally in whether at work, home, in the car, on the phone, and more. And there are companion “toys” that further enhance the hearing aids’ performance: a tiny clip-on microphone that I use when I am taking group Ballroom classes so that I can hear the teacher without reading lips or missing out. There is a hookup for my TV and a way to quiet all noise except the voice of the person you aim your iPhone at. I have understood soft-spoken people I have never been able to easily comprehend. I feel less frustrated. It’s hard work to work at hearing all day, day after day. No more. I run on in my enthusiasm. I am liberated from my disability. That is no exaggeration. Thank you, Dr. Anderson. More...


Nan Norton Lowell

29 January 2019

I like that I can make an appointment around my work schedule. Working with Dr. Anderson is fantastic! She listens to my concerns and addresses them one at a time. Very patient. The best part is I can HEAR everything now! Wished I had gotten my hearing aids years ago! More...


Glenn Battistelli

6 December 2018

I was experiencing severe tinnitus due to Menier’s disease and a treatment that I had for the disease. . Dr Anderson knew exactly what to do and she advised I get a specially designed hearing aid for my ear. After just a couple of weeks my tinnitus was much less severe. Other doctors had failed and had no solutions. Dr Anderson is a wonderful Docter and I am very grateful for all she has done for me. Glenn Battistelli More...


Karen Sestito DiLando

6 November 2018

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Anderson. I highly recommend using this doctor and the most current technology. The hearing aids are very easy to use, and it took very little time to become accustomed to wearing them. Dr. Anderson spent as much time with me as I needed. Every question I had was important to her. More...


Heidi Canner

8 August 2018

I have been a client for many years and just got new hearing aids last month. Dr. Anderson is a good listener and works to address the client’s concerns. Hearing is subjective and with a good consultation with Dr. Anderson, you can appreciate your hearing aids! More...


Gary Bennett

6 June 2018

I have also got a new pair of hearing aids that work through my phone,AWSOME,I am hearing things that I haven't heard for 40yrs.I can listen to the tv without waking the neighbors.I am a very happy man.Dr.Anderson is the best,she understands what you need. More...


Terry McKinney

5 April 2018

Dr. Anderson is one of those rare people in the medical field who really put you at ease. She has a knack for clarifying technical jargon and giving very practical explanations of what your options are, and what they would mean for your daily life so that when you make what might be difficult choices, you do so knowing exactly what they are. Her office in Methuen may seem like it's in the oldest building on the hospital campus, but don't be fooled. You'll leave with that comfort of knowing that you've just had an experience that you can walk away from with confidence in the quality of your care and your caregiver rather than feeling bewildered by a barrage of confusing information that you'll have to figure out later. That kind of clarity is priceless. More...


Paul KJ McKenney

21 February 2018

I recently received a new set of hearing aids that work through my phone and has given me more control over my hearing in different situations. Dr. Anderson and staff has always been available for help and adjustments for the hearing aids that I have had over the last five years. More...


Leslie Frazier

4 November 2017

Dr. Anderson has helped me many times over the past 6 years. I am always impressed with her down-to-earth, thorough explanations, her patience, and her competence. I was just fitted with new hearing aids and I am so impressed with the new technology, as well as the "natural" sound and comfort. More...