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Philippa Duffy

9 July 2019

fab bar. great food. suitable for anyone in groups or solo. if your passing call in. the food is plentiful on you plate and a fab range of choice.


Charlie G.

27 February 2017

Decided to go for a little breakfast to cheer up the Monday blues. My girlfriend and I wandered in on a quiet Monday mid-afternoon at around 12pm, settled in quickly and the waitress brought us a few breakfast menus. Nothing to complain about, standard selection, couple of crossants,  variations of eggs, full breakfast fry up etc. We went for a couple of the full Scottish breakfasts, which came with two rounds of toast, haggis, black pudding, grilled tomato, bacon, lorne sausage, egg, mushrooms and beans. Not bad, haggis was lukewarm at best, everything else was nice and hot, one small surprise is that the mushrooms were actually pretty garlicky, this isn't necessarily a bad thing but caught me by surprise in a fry. Overall a fine visit, ticked all of the boxes and we weren't disappointed, but not overly impressed!Would definitely go back, but not out of my way to get here. More...


Sandy P.

7 January 2015

Probably my favorite place in when we went to Edinburgh. I loved the atmosphere, vibe, staff, food, everything about it. It was a cute cafe mixed with a hip bar. Loved it! More...


D C.

26 March 2012

This is a very pleasant bar to spend an evening in when it's very cold outside. Staff are friendly and helpful, there's a good range of beverages on offer, and the food is good. I had tomato and vegetable soup, which was full of flavour, followed by chicken burrito - the sort of thing I normally avoid in non-specialist venues. I am glad I didn't on this occasion. True, an actual Tex-Mex place would probably have done better, but not by much. The meat was succulent and there was genuine fire from chillies in there. The meal was delicious and filling; the only real negative point was that, being Sunday, the kitchen closed at 8pm - there was nothing in the way of signs or notes on the menu to warn of this. There was no problem, though, with getting coffee to round off the meal; and the coffee was strong, good quality, better than some cafés and coffee chains offer. I stumbled on this place and went in after checking it out on Yelp, and I am glad I did. (Visited 18/12/2011) More...


Qype User Foxbas…

26 October 2011

For me, Au Bar serves the best coffee in Edinburgh.The staff are extremely friendly, without being overbearing & the atmosphere is simply lovely. The menu is varied, with French daily specials worth a try (though sometimes I'd like a bit more!) & the breakfasts filling & delicious.I tend to go there, to read & relax with a good coffee, before the busy lunchtime crowd comes in & enjoy what so many other cafe/bars fail to offer, on so many levels. More...


Em C.

30 July 2010

I was enticed into Au Bar by its stylish art nouveau font on the outside. I'm aware it's a rip off from a beautiful period in art and architecture, but since everywhere is commercialised these days, I figured you could do a lot worse than to take inspiration from that kind of ornate beauty!I thought Au Bar was grand inside, without being high brow. I guess that kind of makes it harder to slot it into a category. It's not one of the trendy, glossy bars of Edinburgh, nor is it an old man boozer. But it's nice to find somehwere that settles into a happy medium.It's calm inside, even when it's busier. It seems clientele have a common shared interest for wanting to enjoy a quiet drink without too much noise. Their bar menu is nice, with some fancy offerings on the table, but it seems surplus to what the bar is actually about. They sell a good stock of booze, including cheap pints as some of the other reviewers have said. It's hard to come by a pint that's cheap and also tasty these days, but Au Bar manages to come up with the goods.I'm not sure what market Au Bar is gearing itself towards, but that's not a bad thing at all. It's a very serene place to go that will appeal to people looking for a quiet and intimate night out. It's nice enough to deter a rowdy bunch, and calm enough to steer away from cocktail bar wankery (sorry, it has to be said). So Au Bar, with its soothing atmosphere and darker interior, is my kind of place these days. More...


Gibson A.

20 July 2010

I came to Au Bar with my friends after the rugby at Murrayfield in our first year.  Being early on a Saturday evening it was pretty busy, but the staff coped well with the queues and the place had a really friendly and bustling atmosphere.  The decor is comfortable and stylish with plenty of cushioned seating and contemporary art on the walls.  The drinks are fairly well priced with most pints costing less than £3.  Further, they have a great range of real ales and beers as well as high quality malt whiskeys.  It attracts a fairly lively crowd of mixed ages which is always a good sign.  I didn't try the food, but apparantly their burger and pint looked pretty tempting! More...


Amy G.

15 May 2010

Au Bar is quite a stylish bar near to Princes Street. It doesn't have that pretentious feel to it which most city centre bars do, making it a bit better than the rest. Prices are fairly average for drinks and there is a good selection. I went for lunch with my Dad as I heard the food was quite good and we were both quite happy with the result. It's typical pub food of sandwiches, some Mexican type foods, burgers and haggis but they do it quite well. I had a steak which I don't usually do in pubs as they generally make a mess of it, but it was surprisingly nice and tender. Cooked the way I like it which is a bonus. Good for a pub lunch as the staff are super friendly also. However it gets very busy with people having after works drinks so maybe avoid at that time of day. More...


Gavin M.

15 May 2010

A nice enough pub on the fringes of the city centre, Au Bar isn't really anything mindblowing, but is a decent enough place to sit and have a pint or a bar lunch. It doesn't look great from the outside, but is a good bit better once you're in.It always sticks in my mind though, as a friend and I once hatched a far-fetched plot to take it over and turn it into a gastropub. Neither us can cook, and we weren't entirely sure where the customers were going to come from, but it was a nice idea. More...


Qype User stina…

21 November 2008

great at lunchtime and for a drink after work (thanks for the free nibbles last night). Good food, service and friendly staff. You MUST try their Chilli Enchiladas. Prices are also still fairly reasonable for food and drink. More...


Qype User Origin…

6 October 2007

Au bar is not only good for drinking but serve great food with friendly staff who are eager to help (my only complaint would be that sometimes they are a bit too friendly, constantly asking how you're enjoying your food) but I've never had a bad meal, and I'd highly recommend their haggis, neeps and tatties. Their decor is a good mix between modern and traditional with a wide range of seating options ranging from private two customer booths to larger groups of tables, there is also the option of a small outside seating area but given the pub's postion next to Standard Life and Rutland Square unless you want to share your lunch experience with the large number of passers-by, you'd be better to select a seat indoors. More...

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