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Alex M.

9 November 2013

Impeccable service and on timeThey clean my house and office and me and the staff are super satisfiedKeep it up the good work !


Shelly R.

8 December 2011

I have been using A to Z for 5+ years and recently went from having them come every other week to having them there every week.  Luis does a great job, is super friendly and very reliable.  They were recommended by a friend when I still lived in SF, and when we moved to Oakland, A to Z came with us.  I'm about to move again to Orinda and haven't checked yet to see if they can come that far, but if not, I just hope I can find another service as good as A to Z. More...


Alex B.

30 December 2009

A to Z have taken good care of my family's house for over 5 years and according to my mom they have never let her down. I just recently left my parents house and have been living on my own, and I have to admit that I got a little spoiled when it comes to cleaning. So I too have them over once a week. I am very pleased with their services. They are reliable, consistent, professional, and with no doubt HONEST. And I just want to thank them to doing such a great job, I absolutely love them and recommend them. More...

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