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Atlas Physical Therapy and Wellness

Sherman Oaks, California


Atlas Physical Therapy and Wellness

Sherman Oaks, California



Atlas Physical Therapy and Wellness is a Home Health Physical Therapy clinic specializing in restoration and advancement of function and managing impairments related to pain, balance, gait, strength and conditioning; utilizing evidence based rehabilitation science, yoga, thai chi, and meditation.

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Charles A.

8 January 2018

I first connected with Dr. Johnson in Thailand where we visited a Thai Temple for a 90-minute meditation session. He brought a holistic approach to centering focus and awareness in the environment. The practice was inspirational and helped me focus on my breathing empowering me to make progress within myself.To date, I had not had much experience with meditative experiences, and it was a humbling and rejuvenating experience to do so with someone who is well-practised, open, and nonjudgmental. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson and look forward to our next session! More...


Kevin M.

15 June 2017

Just finished a two hour strength based home exercise program with Dr. Johnson, and it was great. He's been treating me since I came home after a septic blood infection left me weakened, and unable to bend my knees. He program of physical therapy has gotten me back in shape, and now we are working on building on that. He knows his stuff. More...


Allen S.

5 March 2017

Dr. Johnson taught me something very simple about pain management: you shouldn't have to do it. By treating the root problem and not the symptoms you can avoid having to deal with the ensuing pain. He explained it takes work and commitment, of course, but you can be fixed. It was a revelation. Add that to the fact he is extremely passionate about physiology and healing and you have the perfect combination. He can talk about this stuff all day because he loves it and that, aside from his holding a Doctorate, is all the reassurance you need. More...


Mark W.

29 January 2017

Game changing experience! As an athlete my entire life and fitness enthusiast I was vastly impressed. Within minutes of meeting Dr. Johnson not only did I feel that he understood my problem, goal, and how to get there, but I felt he also understood me as a person.  His knowledge, enthusiasm, passion, and bedside manner are first class and I strongly believe anyone would benefit from his services. More...