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Chris Fogarty

25 November 2018

Just placed my second order and my experience has been awesome. The prices are reasonable and the final work is spot on. They even helped fix my logo so that it would print properly. I have not experienced the "bad customer service" others have commented on, they have always been professional. They take the time to ensure you get what you are looking for. More...


Curtis Benjamin

27 August 2018

We have a nonprofit organization that has received AMAZING service for years for all t-shirt products for our girls and our Celebrities!! Atlanta Screenprints always gives us great advice for colors and designs for our girls we serve across the country with awesome prices for us!! More...


Big Frog Charlotte

27 August 2018

I've worked with David and his team for almost 7 years and we've processed hundreds of orders with them. Each and every order was delivered complete and on time. There has not been one instance of a shortage in 7 years. It is very much my pleasure to give him and his team my highest recommendation!! More...


Rich Wright

27 August 2018

The work has been pretty good to me. Good enough that I have had numerous re-orders in the last year. My clients seem to like the shirts. I like products I'm proud of because many people will see them and I know some admire the shirts I get from Atlanta Screen Prints. I may have initially sensed that they were rough around the edges with customer service skills but I also get the sense that they are working on that. As a small business owner myself, I understand how hard it is to please everyone. I am not the best at customer service either so I decided to practicd tolerance when I worked with them and simply focus on the product I am getting. If their people skills have not impacted my business then I remove my personal feelings and get on with making the purchase. More...


lira sandlar

29 January 2018

Atlanta Screenprints LLC was fantastic with communication, quality and an overall smooth process! Thanks so much, you made our event a huge success!


Alex Smith

6 December 2017

The folks at ASP are great. I have used them about a dozen times in the last 2 years. They helped me match ink to material, they give advice on sizing and locating artwork, and they got each order exactly right even when I had a dozen combinations of sizes and colors. They have done big orders and small orders without problems and their prices are good too. I will never go anywhere else. More...


Max Minzer

6 December 2017

I have had shirts screened here for the company I work for and for personal use. Great results, good communication and reasonably priced.