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Team building should be fun as well as effective. Our team building events are engaging, useful, and fun. Atlanta Challenge, LLC provides team building programs for businesses, schools, church groups and other organizations. We can help your team of 10 - 500+ people with morale, communication skills, developing teamwork skills, community service projects, enhancing creativity, developing character, or developing group culture and goals.


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Natalie Bell

30 June 2019

We had Atlanta Challenge come in to lead an event for our group, and it was great! Everyone had a great time, and it was awesome to just be able to hand everything off to them. They did a really great job of making sure everyone was having a good time. More...


Claire Blacksher

26 April 2019

This team is nothing but the best. They are so accommodating and made sure we had the best possible experience for our "Furious Birds" exercise. They went over and beyond to coordinate with the hotel we were working with and they take leadership and follow through to the next level. I will definitely be using them again when I am in Atlanta for business again! More...


Monica Newman

24 April 2019

Turns out adults can learn through play as well as children! Great lessons in team work learned through simple, fun and challenging games. Shawn is extremely knowledgeable and engaging and helped facilitate great group discussions. More...


Joe Birkett

24 April 2019

Instructor had great energy and really made all the games fun and enjoyable. Selection of games / puzzles really made all of us think and the lessons could be applied to our day to day work.


Felix Brockmeyer

23 February 2019

We booked Atlanta Challenge for a Sales Team building exercise. They did a great job and were well organized. We have used them multiple times by now and we can recommend them for a fun and engaging event.


Chris Entrup

23 February 2019

We used them for a corporate function to build team camaraderie and the feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. They were professional and responsive throughout the scheduling process and provided a great experience. Would strongly recommend Atlanta Challenge for team building activities. More...


Ellisha Clay

25 December 2018

We recently used Atlanta Challenge to come out to our office and do an onsite team building activity for my department. They were professional from the beginning and assisted me in finding the best activity for my group. Bianca walked me through the steps to ensure all logistics were handled since this was taking place here at our office. She was always responsive and answered any questions/concerns that I had. Shawn was a great host/facilitator and was professional and helpful when we got stuck on certain clues (we did the portable escape room). My team had fun, which is exactly what I wanted :) Also, the prices, in comparison to another (non-local) company, were great -- very reasonable! Thanks again for such a great experience!! More...


Adrianna Watkins

22 December 2018

This was the most awesome event I have ever been for a "work" event. I and my team would love to do it again!


Kembra Carver

1 September 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed our team event and all the activities provided by Atlanta Challenge! We had great time!!!


Christina Cronley Sumner

24 August 2017

Thank you Shawn and crew for a flawless event from beginning to end. As the event coordinator you thought of every detail from big to small. The bike build was a success and impactful to see that the bikes were going to a good cause. Meeting the National Guardsmen was the icing on the cake. What a great way to wrap up the event! Thank you! More...


Raj Vishwakarma

17 June 2017

Looks like team is gonna win this challenge by applying Win As One strategy ;)


James Murphy

15 May 2015

Atlanta Challenge just spent a half a day helping our office of 6 team build. It was a very fun event, and we got a lot out of it. We got to see where our team could improve and where we thrive. It opened up a lot of honest communication. Plus, our instructor was great. Thanks, Jon! More...


Ashley Kristina Jones

10 September 2014

Fun challenges!!!


Anna Henderson

25 May 2014

Atlanta Challenge did a fantastic job coordinating a "Race for Excellence" for our organization of about 100 people. They delivered excellent customer service, engaged the employees very well with their 30 stations for us to go through, and wrapped up the event by tying in our company core values. They were very upbeat, promoted teamwork, and did a wonderful job of managing our time well. I would highly recommend any organization wanting to work on team building to utilize the services of Atlanta Challenge, and we intend to use them again. More...


Jan Johnson

23 April 2014

Go team 8!!!


Gerardo Murray Acedo

11 November 2013

Awesome time And great team building ideas

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An engaging mix of trivia, music, and hands-on challenges in a fun and competitive format. This lively team competition gets groups thinking and laughing together. Working in table-teams of 6-10 people, teams try to earn the highest score by correctly answering a wide range of trivia questions, competing in special challenges, and solving brainteasers. We make the program challenging, but keep it light enough that everyone can relax, get involved, and have a good time. Sample challenge rounds include: Trivia, Name That Tune, Photo Scramble, Sugar Rush, and Show Me. A fun, engaging 2 hour program for groups of 20-1,000+ people. Please call us or visit our website for more details and rates.

All the fun and challenge of a traditional escape room, but all the teams attempt to escape at the same time. Our Meeting Room Escape gives teams a chance to work together, have fun, get to know each other, and enjoy a fun competition. Participants work in small groups of 6-8 people to “escape” from their “room.” To ensure that everyone stays involved and finishes at the same time, the winner is the team that escapes with the most points. They will need to solve physical, paper-based, and virtual clues, decode puzzles, and complete other challenges to open locks, find on-line files, and access safes. We can support as many teams at once as needed. If you have ever wanted to do an escape room with your corporate group or conference, but have been frustrated by being unable to have your group of 35-500 people all have the same experience, you will love this 2 hour activity.

Being a leader is all about leading teams. In this fun but informative leadership development program, both current and future leaders get a foundational understanding of what a team needs in order to be successful, and important insight into their personal leadership style. A series of content modules, activities and discussions help each participant craft their own action plan for enhancing their leadership skills. This program helps developing leaders: ~Understand the difference between leadership and management. ~Network with other leaders and gain their feedback and insights. ~Discover personal leadership style and strengths. ~Develop an on-going team improvement system. This is a facilitated program for groups of 5-200 leaders that lasts about 4 hours. Call or see our website for more details and pricing.

Through a series of hands-on projects, candid conversations, and interesting content, your team will get to know each other better, build stronger relationships, and trust each other more. This helps create an environment where everyone has a commitment to helping each other succeed and moving the team forward. This program focuses on the emotional intelligence of the team, and how to ensure the team dynamic is positive. This facilitated team bonding workshop lasts about 3 hours, and is appropriate for groups of 5-50 people. Call or see our website for pricing by number of participants.

Teams attempt to solve the suspicious death of Howie Gruemble in this murder mystery scavenger hunt. While cleverly disguised as tourists so the murderer won’t know they are on his trail, teams head out into the area to find clues to help them identify the killer. Each team is armed with an iPad or smartphone loaded with our amazing app for solving clues, tracking suspects, finding evidence, and some fun photos and trivia to support their cover story. A fun event for everyone! We can run this facilitated team building activity almost anywhere. Lasts 2-3 hours. Group sizes from 35-500 people. Call or see our website for pricing by number of participants.

Atlanta Challenge offers a wide variety of team building programs for businesses, schools and organizations at a reasonable rate. When we respond to your inquiry, we will either send you a few recommended programs that meet your needs, or we may ask you some additional questions so we can select the perfect team building programs for your group. Please let us know if you have special needs or requests - event themes, goals, or other factors that would make a team building activity the perfect fit.

Team Coaching helps team build and keep momentum by developing the four key areas of a successful team on an on-going basis. We help them clarify and focus on their team goals & milestones, develop a clear mission & strategy, clearly define team standards & roles, and develop a team culture that allows each person to perform at their best. The process is based on a monthly live session, a weekly anonymous survey from all team members, and support materials and guidance for the team leader as needed. The specific content depends on the formation of the team, what stage the team is at in its lifecycle, and the issues and challenges the team is facing.