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Fat Melting and Muscle Toning

Our clients love our Muscle Toning machine!
Mention Bark and we will give you a FREE treatment to try it out!

Most people see results after their first treatment!

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margaret cavallo

9 February 2018

Great service for a great price. Very relaxing atmosphere. Affordable prices!!! Donna was very nice and personable. She had great information on health and beauty.

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Nutrition and diet and my wonderful machine! There are so many reasons why a person may be overweight.
They can have a medical condition, stress, eating out of boredom, mindless eating, eating the wrong types of food, etc.
Once we determine why, then we make a plan.

Everything in moderation. I don't believe in depriving anyone from eating a certain food.
Then they want it twice as much!

I love helping people! I am a service oriented person. I love when I see people achieving their goals. That makes me so happy!

I was sickly as a child, got involved in nutrition. I am spiritual too.
Nutrition, diet, exercise, meditation, spirituality--are a natural connection.

I can offer your clients --what they can't get anywhere else.