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San Leandro, California, Alameda

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San Leandro, California, Alameda



Vaughn will help you integrate your mind, body, and spirit through all of life’s situations. Through his empathic and caring approach, he invites you to begin a dialogue with him as your therapist and more importantly, to create a conversation with yourself.


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Sadie Gardere Hannah

3 February 2019

Vaughn has an amazing talent for seeing straight through to the real issue that is underlying whatever is on the surface. He's compassionate, kind, and gives practical tools to deal with life!

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I truly want to help people, and private practice allows me to meet people where they currently are in life. I don't have to label people like I would if I were working with an agency, government, or nonprofit. These places have templates where you have to fit people into, which is unfair and unrealistic.

Labeling people never creates a positive impact on our society. It usually has some level of drawback. When we label people with mental illness, it creates a stigma that pushes people away from help as opposed to bringing them in to find the help and support they need to resolve whatever they are facing.

I don't think people are ill and this is one of the main reasons I don't like the medical model. There is illness but most people have life circumstances, and they need support to work through it.

Private practice affords me to really learn and understand who people are so we can build something that is appropriate for them.

We are so different as human beings and applying the same model with the same methods, the same way towards every individual is unrealistic. It doesn't honor the individual, family, group. It is very important for me to meet people where they are and accept them where they are.

I genuinely believe my approach to helping people is not typical. I value developing a real relationship where we get to know each other. It's not me as a clinician. It's me, Vaughn, getting to know you as a human, a spiritual being, as we work together.

I align myself with your needs, and Together we decide on how to move forward. The reality is sometimes it doesn't work, but a real relationship is always established.

Therapists are also not a one size fits all and I can identify when I'm not able to meet your needs. If this happens, we openly discuss it, and I work with you to get the help that is needed.

My honesty and straightforwardness are appreciated. I can see and understand beyond the words being spoken. That gift comes from within. Yes, I have an education, but my intuition and life experience is huge within the work that I do and connecting with people on a deeper level.

When you work with me, you won't feel like there's something "wrong" with you.