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In a connected and fast moving world, it can often be daunting when attempting to plan ahead and ensure that you are making the right choice for both you and your family. With a myriad of different options, products and companies out there it can be difficult to understand what solution will provide you with the best value , but also ensuring that whatever plans you take, they provide the reassurance and support that you need.


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Helen Snaith

29 May 2019

Sorting my funeral plan was easy with the help of the staff


Tony Pucci

8 March 2019

Used Ashbrook Estate Planning when making my will. What I thought would be a long and and stressful process turned out to be the complete opposite. I was felt to be totally at ease and was so quick and easy. I would recommend anyone requiring a will to use them- who I found to be first class. More...


Helping People put plans in place for the ones they love.

A real understanding of what the challenges are out there and having the knowledge to support people to mitigate this.

We are different in the fact that we are completely impartial and work on behalf of our Clients. We have a panel of product providers that represent the whole of market as we acknowledge that everyone's circumstances vary. We listen, have a chat and a cup of tea in an informal and relaxed environment.



According to recent figures only 45% of the UK Adult population have a valid Will and anyone who passes away without a will will have their estate distributed according to rules set out in law, rather than based on your personal wishes. This can be a slow and complex process which can mean your family are left waiting to receive any inheritance you may have left ​Making a Will is in only way that you can ensure your assets go to the right people and your wishes are carried out after you pass away

CONTROL OVER YOUR AFFAIRS During our life we may a sudden or long standing health issue that may mean you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself. ​Having a Lasting Power of Attorney for health and finance means your chosen ones can make decisions on your behalf in the event on incapacity or have the power to assist during times when you need a helping hand. Without one it can be difficult for your chosen one to act on your behalf. This may result in matters being taken out of your hands.

Losing a loved one is often one of the most difficult experiences that can happen and is something that we will unfortunately all experience at some time in our lives. Aswell as the emotional stress that can accompany a bereavement, there can often also be a financial impact on those family members left behind who may need to find the relevant funds to organise and pay for a funeral. However with a pre-paid funeral plan, you can select a plan to match your wishes, helping to ensure your family knows exactly want you want and allows you to cover the cost of a funeral ahead of time.

SECURE YOUR ASSETS FOR YOUR FAMILY A trust can be incorporated into your will and can protect your assets from creditors and can mitigate care costs for a surviving spouse. It can also provide for protection of your inheritance in scenarios such as spouses remarrying or provide restrictions on inheritance for young children. ​By creating a Trust you can secure your legacy so know your loved ones can benefit from what is left behind.