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Ash Holdsworth Photography

Leeds, West Yorkshire

1 hire on Bark
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Ash Holdsworth Photography

Leeds, West Yorkshire

1 hire on Bark


We are a quality focussed photography studio based in Leeds. We specialise in portrait photography and provide images of the highest calibre for creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals, tailor made with you to suit your unique needs.


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Giuseppe Romano

22 February 2019

Absolute legend in every aspect of his profession. Thought provoking, creative, professional. Polite. And very creative. An absolute pleasure to do business with. Would recommend to anybody, private or public businesss More...


Christian 'Ld' Hoyle

1 August 2016

Top guy & top results! Couldn't ask for a better result


I've used the same technique for taking a portrait for 10 years and it's the exact same technique I use in life - just engaging in a real conversation! There is no secret, it's about being genuinely in the moment with a person - and then capturing that moment.
There are hundreds of tips and tricks you can learn, you can buy the most expensive camera money can buy, but none of it means anything unless you can engage with the person you are photographing. This is my absolute favourite thing to do! - and it is the soul reason I do what I do. I believe creativity comes from a place of calmness and presence. Then everything is already there for you to press the button.

The most important thing I need to know when arranging a shoot with someone is how will the images be used? What do you want them to say or do? And where will they end up? Once I have the destination we can begin the journey. Knowing what you want your photography to do influences how I will photograph each personal project. It also allows me to design and tailor-make the shoot specifically for you and your unique needs right from the start.

Once I know what you want your photographs to do, the rest is logistics:
- How many images do you need?
- How long would you like to spend capturing them?
- What is your ideal budget?

The thing I absolutely LOVE about my job is the people! I meet such inspirational human beings every single day. I hear about what they do, how they work, their dreams, their passions. It's an honour every single time and one I am deeply grateful for. Second to this is being able to deliver images that leaves them speechless and is something I too can't even put into words. It's a very rewarding experience.

Photographing people and having the freedom of being my own boss means I get to spend my working life doing the things I love - and my free time doing the things I love!

I bloody love taking portraits! No one on earth will care about your photographs as much as me. I only shoot one person per day and around 15 per month, which allows me not to rush or be distracted and be fully present and engaged with who I'm photographing that day and the project I'm working on. Overall I'm a very chilled person, I do get quite excited when I get amazing shots, I've even been called... flamboyant. I tweak my lighting to perfection, I do the same when I'm retouching. Every person I work with is unique, so I like to make their photography the same.
I also make a pretty good brew!


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