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Ascender Communications, Inc. (dba Ascender Films, Inc.) is a digital advertising, film and video production company, based in Washington, DC. We specialize in premium animation, motion-graphics, commercials and unscripted/documentary productions for business, government, non-profit organizations and broadcast media.

Ascender was established in 2005.


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After 15 years in business, we have never told the same story twice. Everyday we are fortunate to work with businesses, non-profits and even federal and local agencies who really care about the people they serve and the programs that they lead. So, we go out of our way to make sure that we get their message right!

WE CARE: There are so many great stories to be told. And too few companies that are willing to really understand their client's needs. This work is why we started the business. Their are so many great stories that must be told. And sometimes, even those who commission the work aren't aware of the unique ways their stories could be told visually. Everyone has a video camera, but not everyone has the professional production experience and vision to tell a story right.

WE LISTEN: Then, we plan and execute with extremely high, broadcast-quality production value. Our singular goal is to align our creativity and careful, cost-saving approach with your message. Our producers strive to be a part of your team. In 15 years, we have never blown a production budget. However, we almost always get repeat work from satisfied clients. Give us a try. Experience the difference.


We can produce high-quality pre-visualizations (mood boards, storyboards, character design, concept art) to help you better develop and present your idea, script or story outline prior to production. Trust us. It can save you money and streamline production costs to make sure that everyone--including you, your client and all production team members are on the same page from the start!

Do you need to raise awareness? Increase donations? Or, maybe you just want to better educate your existing social media followers about a new development. Let us tell your story.