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Sean Reid

14 August 2019

I joined Ascend in 2013 and was instantly impressed with their approach not only to fitness, but also their more rounded approach to lifestyle as well. In 2018, I found out that Tanja was now providing high performance coaching as an additional offering and very quickly enrolled. Tanja’s high performance coaching was very effective and helped me gain an edge in business and my personal interactions with others. As a result of the coaching I am much better organized, I have improved my work/life balance and have reduced stress through the techniques that Tanja helped me hone. I highly recommend both the fitness and the high performance coaching programs that they offer. More...


Nancy Arnold

8 August 2019

I have been going to Ascend for four years. I am stronger and more energetic. The instructors are knowledgeable, the workouts individually created for you, everyone is encouraging and friendly! Give them a try!


Rachelle Coles Loeppky

29 July 2019

Wonderful and knowledgeable staff who encourage and uplift you throughout your journey. I love that their goal is for you to be healthy all around so that you can enjoy your life.


Donna Macintosh

15 July 2019

I recommend EVERYTHING about them! Seriously they have helped me so much!! After only 3 months I'm stronger, fitter, down 24bs, more confident, much more aware of my body positioning including posture as I go throughout my day. The team of coaches are all so excellent and really work hard to help you be the best version of yourself. I have a lot less pain and stiffness in my body and more of what I really needed - increased range of motion, strength and mobility. I also really recommend taking the Whole You Transformation course that Tanja offers...well worth the extra. It gives you knowledge - an additional mental edge in helping you achieve your goals just like professional athletes get I imagine. Tanja's weekly podcasts are also the VERY BEST at helping me stay motivated throughout my day/ week to stay on course. Finally the community of people that attend Ascend Fitness are awesome and it's a lot of fun interacting with them at the fitnes center and at the many'outside the gym' events. This has been the very best investment I've made in myself. More...


Karen France

2 March 2019

Very supportive atmosphere and knowledgable trainers and staff with no judgements


Shirley A. Rollheiser

24 September 2018

The individulization of your health care program, the knowledge of the personal trainers for my personal fitness program, friendly staff and the encouragement and knowledge surrounding one's relationship with nutrition from Tanja and all the staff.


Danielle Levesque

30 November 2016

The people are great and encouraging, you never feel left out and it's always a good time. The trainers know how to make the exercise fun yet challenging and you leave feeling accomplished. I would definitely choose to go here again. More...


Kimberly Anne

29 November 2016

I've been with Ascend almost a year, and I feel stronger and in better shape than ever. I like that the bootcamps are a quick total body workout and the trainers really get to know each client - they've encouraged me in my goals and kept me accountable. Before I started, I didn't know if I could stick with it more than a few months, but instead I ended up loving it and getting hooked! More...


Heather Grant Brezden

29 November 2016

I did a 30 day program at Ascend last year and loved my time there. I was travelling so much that I wasn't able to commit to continuing but it definitely gave me the kick start I needed to get moving again. I run with a long list of Ascend regulars and I only ever hear how great the Ascend team is and how hard they work (but love it!) when they go. More...


Mc Julien

27 November 2016

Thank you Ascend Fitness ! We've been doing BootCamp for the past year as a family, we're getting back in shape and I love it.


Peggy Fridriksdottir

25 November 2016

Ascend Fitness has changed my life and way of thinking. In one year I have lost 35 lbs and reduced many dress sizes thanks to the excellent trainers and staff. I now plan my days around my training and boot camp and look forward to my work outs there. Tanya and her team sure fire us up. Thank you Ascend Fitness. More...


Tina Chicoine Tisdale

25 November 2016

Great workouts. Really gets you sweating! Amazing trainers.


Cara Abrahams

22 November 2016

I've been reading Tanya's articles for a few years and really appreciate her holistic, well-rounded approach to lifestyle fitness that I see her advocating. Opening up free and introductory classes to the community is really great too! More...


Michelle Worobetz

21 November 2016

I highly recommend Tanya and her team at Ascend Fitness. They have encouraged me, motivated me, and consistently shared their wealth of knowledge with me. I was nervous starting in September, as I have daily chronic pain. But each trainer I have worked with has been aware of my situation and made sure that I was not exasperating my injuries. After 10 weeks I feel stronger and more confident. I look forward to my workouts and have a huge sense of accomplishment. Thank you!! More...


Wendy Mader

20 November 2016

I love this place!! All the staff are professional and strive towards helping people achieve their goals. I am so thankful to be part of the Ascend family.


Gwen McKenzie

19 November 2016

Great support. Fun workouts. Improved health. Keep going.


Sue Van Arkadie Klinck

19 November 2016

I have been going to Ascend for a year and a half now, I feel strong and fit. Love the staff and my co-workout buddies.


Brittany Lorteau

18 November 2016

Ascend is like a family! I love my workouts! Everyone encourages everyone, makes working out fun :)


Leanna Kemp

18 November 2016

I am going into my 4th year with ascend fitness and I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. Not only did i lose over 35 lbs and over 11 inches, I gained confidence and endurance and better health. I used to have severe ongoing back pain and now I have none. The team at ascend is awesome; they coach, encourage, modify when needed and follow up when you miss a few sessions! Ascend is like family; it is the only thing i have ever found that works and I WANT to attend. I would recommend Ascend to anyone, anytime!!! I am a believer. More...


Rose Turcasso

17 November 2016

Great people, programs and workouts�...thanks Ascend Team


Lorraine Hooge

17 November 2016

Ascend Fitness is awesome!!! The staff and instructors are encouraging and supportive and so are it's members!


Christine Smith Patrick

17 November 2016

Ascend Fitness is the most amazing facility! Trainers, clients and programing are 5 stars!


Carina Jansen-Styner

17 November 2016

The most fun I've had working out. The boot camps are amazing. You become part of a family! The best place I have ever worked out at. The support you receive is incomparable. More...


Les Seaweed

1 July 2016

I got rear-ended back in late February and one of my chiropractors, Dr. Jen, recommended Active Rehabilitation as part of my treatment plan. I came to see Gordon for my initial consult and then Spencer (and Gordon for 1 session) has been bringing me back to my new normal by constantly pushing me in a very controlled manner. I am getting stronger and stronger every day and in the last 3 weeks, Spencer has really ramped up the intensity of my sessions. My end goal is to be back to full duties at work and to be able to get out and golf again! Kudos! Enjoyed my time so much, I'm starting in the Kick Start program later this week! More...


Michelle Cooper

4 May 2016

I am blown away by the care of the instructors at Ascend Fitness. I broke my ankle in November and started going to Ascend in April. I was very hesitant because of my mobility and stability issues. The instructors push me hard, but always are conscious of my injury and how it affects my ability to do an exercise. If its something that my ankle won't tolerate, they change it for me! Best place ever! More...


Amber Price

12 January 2016

After my pregnancy, I suffered from diastasis recti - a vertical splitting of the abdominal muscles. Tanja designed a workout specific to my issue and led me through all of the exercises with confidence, patience and kindness. I left feeling empowered and excited to heal my body and move forward with my fitness goals. Great facility, well run, professional, caring and run by passionate folks! More...


Wendy Jean

11 December 2015

Ascend Fitness takes a positive, realistic approach to physical and mental health. I have attended bootcamp there for two years, and the skilled, friendly instructors have pushed me at every level, from post-baby to the best shape I've been in for years. I love the option of bringing my kids to baby bootcamp, as it has allowed me more flexibility and ensured that I didn't give up when things got really busy. I have learned how to eat in a healthy way, and to make regular exercise a non-negotiable part of my routine. I could not be happier! More...


Hristo Hristov

15 March 2015

Tanja and the whole Ascend Fitness team are the real deal. Their fitness program design and nutrition coaching is top of the line. They infinitely care about their clients More...


Lisa Parr

11 July 2014

Only one month done and it is awesome... More confidence and support and it is helping my overall running


Luke Odom

9 May 2014

Ascend Fitness is committing to getting you the results you desire. Tanja has created an environment where success is possible and greatness can be achieved!


Cody Bishop

7 May 2014

Tanja is a top tier professional that has developed an amazing program that gets you the results you seek. I've been in the fitness industry for 7 years and I have deep admiration for the professionalism of Tanja and her team and the results they produce.


Lauralee Campbell

22 March 2014

Great bootcamps!


Mubarakah Ibrahim

12 December 2013

Asend Fitness is simply amazing. It's more than just a workout, it's a place where you can feel a sense of belonging and the freedom to be your best.


Kenneth James Mack

21 November 2013

Tanja has tremendous energy and she knows what she is doing. You're going to love the training. Thank you Ascend!


Evan Lindsay

15 November 2013

Ascend Fitness has a great team that knows exactly what you need to get what you want!


Stephanie Berkhout

9 October 2013

What can I say about this place, when experiencing it is truly the best way to show you how great these people are? With the help and support of the instructors I've changed my fitness level and my outlook on things. With the encouragement and friendliness of those who attend and sweat their guts out along side me, I've been inspired and pushed to keep going. There are people here from all ages and all walks of life, so accepting of each other that we are all here for the same purpose. I've lost weight, gained strength and confidence. You can read these recommendations, or try it yourself. You won't be disappointed. You WILL sweat! More...


Lana Ulmer Deruyter

7 October 2013

I gave Ascend a 5 star review 3 years ago and I would give them a five star review today. I highly recommend all of the trainers at this facility. They know how to encourage, motivate and push the right buttons to get me to push myself to work harder, longer and faster. They know their stuff and my results amaze me every day. More...


Anne Russell

3 October 2013

Three years later and I am still lovin' it at Ascend!


John Heringer

23 September 2013

Tanja and her team at Ascend Fitness make fitness fun and provide absolutely incredible results for their clients. If you're looking for some support with achieving your health and fitness goals, look no further and contact them asap. :-)


Jack Wheeler

9 September 2013

Tanja and the crew over at Ascend Fitness are awesome! They are always bringing new ideas to the table and keeping their classes fun, motivating and always changing. Another great thing about them is that they take that mentality into the community too and host hikes, walks and other things to keep people fit outside the gym too More...


James West

8 September 2013

If you are looking to accomplish some health and fitness goals, this is the place to go! I don't know anywhere with as much experience as Ascend Fitness at getting clients to their goals and helping them actually maintain it!


Amber Antonia Budahn

8 September 2013

Ascend Fitness brings the best in staff, environment and fun, amazing workouts.


Darlene Hedden Merriman

26 July 2013

Glad I took that 1st step, amazing, supportive team!!!


Winnie Hbrg

23 July 2013

Love it! SO glad i signed up :)


Angela Woods

8 June 2013

Variety in the workouts; coaches who check in with you--you feel encouraged and cared about!