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As Within Behavioral Health Services

Michigan and California, All Michigan and California Counties

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As Within Behavioral Health Services

Michigan and California, All Michigan and California Counties



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From our couch to yours, our licensed clinicians provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy online using a face to face video platform. As Within Telebehavioral Health offers affordable, accessible, and evidence-based behavioral health services provided by licensed clinicians to residents of California and Michigan.


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25 July 2018

I personally can't speak to what a lot of my fellow suffers say was difficult. I was able to start my therapy from the comfort of my own home. If that in itself wasn't amazing enough, Susan is just plain phenomenal! More...


Since graduating from Grand Valley State University in 2004 my experience in the field of behavioral health has been an eclectic mix of direct practice, program development, and clinical supervision, as well as teaching and training other providers in evidence based practices.

I am driven by curiosity, it has always been my favorite emotion. My curiosity has also helped me to conceptualize human behavior and behavioral health from a different perspective, one that integrates an understanding of neurodiversity to help clients more successfully challenge and change the perpetuating factors associated with their behavioral health concerns. Working together we will identify realistic and tangible skills for you to continue your progress between sessions by building of of your daily activities and routines

Some examples of this include,
Completing or reviewing a worksheet.
Engage in at least ten to 10 minutes of self care a few times a week
Listening to a podcast or watching a video.
Practicing small, tangible, and realistic "behavior experiments."

If you are interested in learning more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how it is applied in treatment in therapy, below is a link to an amazing podcast that explains how we address "thoughts" in treatment. This episode is from a podcast called "Invisibilia," Invisibilia is about the "hidden forces in human behavior," this episode is titled the " The Secret History of thoughts." I look forward to working with you! If you have any questions you can reach me by text or phone at (616)819-8360 or via email at smorozowich@gmail.com.

Warmest Regards,

Susie Morozowich, LMSW, LCSW
As Within Telebehavioral Health

I started As Within Telebehavioral Health Services in 2016 as a means to reduce barriers to behavioral health treatment. With this mission in mind, we have adopted the following objectives.
1. Provide client centered, evidence based and outcome oriented treatment to diverse and at risk client populations.
2. Reduce consumer and provider reliance on third party payers.
3. Improve access to behavioral health services to vulnerable populations including, Veterans, Survivors of Natural Disasters and those living in Federally Designated Health Provider Shortage Areas (HSPA).

You can learn more about the history of our practice here

We offer a continuum of behavioral health solutions for individuals, families, groups, communities, professionals, employers, companies and government agencies. Our fully licensed clinicians are trained in evidence-based practices and trauma informed care.  We accept many major insurances and for under-insured or high deductible individuals we can offer services at a much lower rate than most providers thanks to the low overhead costs of telebehavioral health.  

California Insurances Accepted
Blue Shield of California, Beacon (formerly Value Options), Beacon Strategies, Magellan, United Health Behavioral Health, Valley Health Plan, TriWest, Federal HealthNet, VA Choice Program, Medicare Bart B, AARP, Sutter's Select Anthem (we are not contracted with Anthem, however, they will pay us out of network on many of their plans)

Michigan Insurances Accepted
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI. United Behavioral Health, Aetna, Beacon (formerly Value Options), Beacon Health Strategies, Michigan Medicaid, Medicare Part B, McLaren, Molina, Magellan, Michigan Complete, TriWest, Federal HealthNet, VA Choice Program


Outpatient therapy provides clinical therapeutic services to individuals ages 12 to 65 years old to reduce behavioral health symptoms and challenges.

Our integrative model of clinical supervision focuses on developing the clinical social worker's professional skills, knowledge, and values in order to improve their ability to provide in quality patient care. Supervision utilizes evidence based practices including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness-based Interventions, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, and Stage Matched Outcome Oriented Treatment.

Motivational Interviewing (Introductory to Advanced Clinical Training) Motivational Interviewing for Supervisors Guiding Clinical Outcomes in Practice Outcome Oriented and Stage Matched Treatment Planning and Provision Guiding Clinical Practice from Formulation to Outcomes

Let us help you design your own telehealth practice. We offer individual consultation to assist other mental health professionals, organizations, health providers, schools and community partners in understanding and applying best and evidence based practice strategies for behavioral health treatment and interventions including diagnostic formulation, services provision, recommendations and referrals.

Understanding Self-Injury Effective Strategies for Adolescents Recognizing Childhood Depression ADD In Adulthood Women, Girls and ADD Self Care in the Caring Profession Behavioral Health Hand-Washing: Protecting Your Mental Health

Let us design a benefits package from our continuum of behavioral health solutions that best suits your group's needs. Purchase services directly from the provider with no insurance middleman, at a fraction of the fair market value. Contract Options Psychiatric Assessment and Diagnosis Health and Wellness Coaching EAP Services Outpatient Psychotherapy Coaching Group Therapy Support Groups Professional Consultation Case Management Substance abuse Treatment Educational Groups and Presentations

Our fully licensed clinicians are qualified Employee Assistance Program providers. We offer a variety of options to satisfy your company's needs.