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Arragon Digital was founded by two highly experienced brothers in the digital marketing industry. Our areas of specialisation are PPC, Facebook, Content Optimisation, Product Positioning and CRME.
We can provide a range of support for your digital marketing, from running health checks, to consultancy to full campaign management.


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Chris Wright

1 February 2018

I’ve worked with Jonny at Arragon for over 8 years. In contrast, I’ve never worked with another agency past a single job or two. Without providing specifics, if I were to show you a graph of our income before, during and after using Jonny’s management on our PPC campaigns, you’d see a pretty clear picture of why I don’t hesitate to use Arragon Digital. More...


Max Sharp

1 February 2018

We began working with the Arragon Digital team in 2017. At that time, we had spent a good chunk of our digital marketing budget over several months experimenting with different approaches with little success. The guys at Arragon took on the challenge and have created an agile, responsive advertising plan that has successfully met the complex requirements of the health and fitness industry. Since working with Arragon, we have seen some marked improvements in the number and type of prospects engaging with our brand. And, when something doesn’t work, the team are quick to knock it on the head and divert resources to more beneficial campaigns. Highly recommended.


Being able to help small business with small budgets realise its objectives and make digital marketing a realistic and undaunting part of its business plan.

I co-founded and built my own online business in 2000 which we sold to a large PLC in 2009. Having tired off working in a corporate environment I wanted to go back to doing something that allowed me to manage my own time and flexibility. I know first hand how hard it is when starting out in business to try and juggle all the areas that are key to developing your business. Technology is moving forward all the time and its virtually impossible for small business owners to keep on top of if when they are focused on so many other areas of their business. My service is there to help those companies who either cannot afford to build an in-house or don't have the expertise but recognise how important a digital service is to their business that is affordable.

We are a small team who have won awards within the digital space, are experienced, honest, personable, straight forward, committed and have a proven track record in delivering results. We also don't tie customers in with long contracts. If we don't deliver you can walk away,