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Catherine Matthias

29 July 2018

I've known your work from the beginning. It just gets better and better. You have the eye.


Quijana Byrd

29 July 2018

It isn't just that Armond has an amazing eye, it it also that he has the ability and desire to teach what he knows. Time spent with him is half your, half class, and I walked away with a better understanding of what I wanted to photograph and how to take a better photo.


john d.

23 June 2018

I spent the afternoon with a small group lead by Armond in a Outdoor Composition photography class.  It was fantastic.  Armand is an artist and shares his knowledge and experience freely.  Concepts are broken down, explained, and demonstrated using your own camera.  He is very knowledgeable of the area, and is very patient.  I'll be taking another class as soon as I can. More...


Mike R.

29 March 2018

Enjoyed my walking photo tour of Philadelphia with Armand this past weekend. The afternoon was filled with thoughts on composition, looking at the details in scenes to ensure the best shot "in camera" and fun Philly facts. We wandered the streets around Ritttenhouse Square, Fitler Square, the Schuylkill river snapping pictures along the way and talking about different approaches to improve them. Armand shared his creative approach (use of symmetry, lines in the image to draw the viewers eyes, manipulating exposure to achieve saturation/desaturation, etc.), which was very helpful as I try to expand my own creative abilities. Enjoyed the tour, talk and tidbits shared. More...


Andrea S.

31 July 2017

I was lucky to get a 1-on-1 with Armond while on my vacation in Philadelphia. Armond helped me with architectural photography for which I don't have much experience. He was personable, easy to talk to and provided easy to follow instruction. Also, Armond's historical knowledge of the area was a plus! It was a good experience and I would recommend it to any budding photographer. More...


Quijana B.

1 January 2017

I met with Armond one rainy fall morning near Rittenhouse Square. While some might have seen the idea of conducting an outdoor photography class on a cold wet day as an obstacle, I knew that my time with Armond would be well spent. I've known Armond and his work since the 80's, when I lived in Philadelphia and he and my parents were a part of the same circle of artists. Armond Scavo has been part of Philadelphia's art world for many years, and a resident for his entire life. Combine these elements and you get a photographer who is passionate about his craft and about sharing the charms of his city.He began our class by going over the basics of the camera and of the terms used when describing the technical aspects of a photograph.   By the end of my hour I understood the concepts of aperture, f stop, and the all important rule of thirds. Because it was cold and wet, I chose to spend a good portion of our time indoors where we discussed the proper layout of a photo and how to tell a story within the frame. It was a fast paced hour tailored to my interests and filled with  useful information. Unfortunately the weather did not inspire me to venture into the photogenic Rittenhouse Square. I've seen some of the beautiful photos he's shot in and around this neighborhood and know that he would have helped me find just the right angle for my own perfect capture. Luckily I have enough reasons to visit Philadelphia that I'll be able to schedule a second hour with Armond in the spring. I'm looking forward to revisiting this spot and seeing it through his artistic filter. More...


Kathy L.

29 September 2016

This was the best photography learning experience I've had; Armond is an accomplished pro who is able to explain how to take great (and better) photos in an easy-to-grasp, encouraging manner.  I took the historic Philly route with one other student and Armond tailored the experience to our interests and abilities.  He pointed out ways to add shapes and lines into our shots to add interest, gave us a chance to take photos using his advice, reviewed our photos and suggested ways to improve then.  We'd re-take the shots and saw dramatic improvements.  Highly recommend Armond as a photo instructor and to add enjoyment to your time in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. More...


Doug W.

2 July 2015

Took the tour of Historic Philly.  The day started with a conversation in which Armond was able to gauge my experience, knowledge, and photography interests.  He then tailored the tour based on those.Throughout the day, we focused (no pun intended) less on taking pictures of landmarks and more on how to compose interesting pictures.  We talked about problems I've had with my photography in the past and he showed me ways to overcome them.  I came away not only with a handful of really cool shots but also with an increased knowledge of photography that will help me continue to take better pictures.I highly recommend Armond to anyone interested in taking more than common snapshots and plan to do it again myself. More...


Michael R.

16 February 2015

We took the Tour of Boat House Row and City Hall, which was excellent. Armond asked what we wanted to get out of the day and how good my camera knowledge was. He spent time walking me through my camera on the parts that I had neglected and discussed principles and perspectives. We had a great time taking pictures and learning how to get more out the camera. Armond is knowledgeable without being intimidating and is experienced so you will learn. The experience was a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has an interest in taking better photographs , wants to take some great pictures and see the city from new angles. More...


Jenna R.

15 February 2015

Simply a great opportunity to get a Hands on photography lesson from a Philly local and expert artist.   Armond is a great teacher and my husband and I left with lasting memories and great pics.  A fabulous way to be a tourist in your own city or to explore philly if your visiting while learning more about photography.   No camera?   No problem!   I just used my Samsung camera and it was great to learn how to capture better composition.   Try it out.   Great time! More...


Ben W.

21 October 2013

As an anniversary gift, my wife purchased me a three-hour photo class at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.  I'm an amateur photographer, so her goal (in addition to spending time together doing something fun) was to provide me with time with an expert, during which I could gain practical advice about how to use my camera better.  We couldn't have been happier with the results.  Armond encouraged us to shoot strictly in manual mode for the duration of the class.  He took time to answer countless questions and explain every setting.  He provided useful tips and techniques for composing shots better, dealing with different lighting scenarios, and more.   Eastern State provided a unique and interesting setting for the class, and we both left with lots of great photos.  We hope to have the opportunity to take another class with Armond in the future, and won't hesitate to recommend his services to others. More...

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