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ARK Services offers commercial and residential cleaning services. We provide recurring home and commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, move out cleaning, office cleaning, interior painting, interior decorating and design ideas and much more! Your satisfaction is our highest priority.


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ARK Commercial Services, LLC was formed in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2018, but we have been in business since 2005. We began as a carpet cleaning service in Houston, TX.

We bring our own cleaning supplies and have eco-friendly options as well.

We really enjoy the connection with people most of all. When you provide services at people's homes, you get to meet them without the facade of their job title, their social status, etc. You get to know them for who they really are and people are great. We feel blessed to be able to put a smile on customer's faces and relieve them of tasks and give them more time for other things they'd rather do.

My children and my father were my biggest motivation :)
Our son, Noah, is the inspiration behind the name and feeding a growing boy (and 2 other children) fuels our passion, but satisfying customers gives us the most joy.

ARK Services specializes in Interior Painting, Commercial Cleaning, Regular House Cleaning, Move-Out Cleaning, Move-In Cleaning, Junk Removal and more. We will do our very best, every time, to provide excellent, quality work in a timely manner with a smile. Let us take care of your needs and rest easy. "Be at ease on the ARK".