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Ares Risk Management Limited
Security Risk Management Consultancy and Services Provider covering physical and cybersecurity.

In the sphere of Physical Security, we provide Full Risk Assessments for venues, public and private spaces, and events.


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4 April 2019

professional and and discreet


What I love about my job is that I am able to help people stay safe.

My teams and I prevent and protect our customers from a range of possible harm, dangers, and wrong-doing against them. We focus on preventing and protecting you from physical, financial, and reputational risks.

This could mean that for some of my customers I develop and deliver a discrete and robust plan on how to keep them safe from criminal threat - this sort of work might include providing Residential Security Teams, Security Drivers and Bodyguards - for others it might be about advising on how to enhance their homes security systems ... Everyone is different so my team and I take a personal approach to make sure my customers have the best security available for their needs and in their budget.

For other clients, this might mean undertaking Private Investigations in support of Litigation - this could mean finding people who owe my customers money but are hiding from them to undertaking Due Diligence Investigations before my customers enter into agreements with people for business or personal matters. Over the years we have worked on hundreds of counter-fraud cases, employee absenteeism, insider-threat cases, and more.

We have also helped bring estranged families back together and have gathered evidence to prove or disprove infidelity and other wrong-doings in family matters.

I started my business to make a positive difference in people's lives - no matter whether I am helping people on a business level to keep them, their premises, their staff, their patrons or the public safe; or whether I am helping to keep people safe in their personal life.

The sad truth is we live in an increasingly dangerous world and my team and I have a unique set of skills that we have developed over many years of military service which have practical application in the business and personal world.

All our work is customer-focused!
I explain things in plain and simple English.
I keep things real and will be honest with you about what you may or may not need.



There are many reasons and situations where you and your family might need Close Protection or Bodyguarding services. Here at Ares Risk Management, we are specialists in looking after you and your loved ones in a way that suits you and your situation best. Some of our clients prefer for their bodyguards to be overtly visible, others prefer their bodyguards to be covert. No matter your preference we are able to provide you with highly trained and highly skilled individuals (or teams), all of whom are SIA Licenced Professionals. Taking a risk management approach we work with you to ensure that your personal safety and security is covered, allowing you to get on with your business and life secure in the knowledge that we have your back. We offer a range of services as part of a Close Protection Portfolio. to find out more about our Close Protection Services visit: http://www.aresriskmanagement.com/services/executive-close-protection/

Working Red-Carpet and Private Events we know who to look after you and your guests no matter whether they are film-start and celebrities, members of your community, family or friends. Our Event Security Teams are experienced and totally professional. If you want to ensure that your event is memorable for all the right reasons - Contact us to discuss your Event Security Needs.

From Tracking and Tracing people that have gone missing or are avoiding being found, to gathering evidence in cases of suspected infedelity or other wrong-doing against you, your family or your business, our private investigators and surveillance specialists can find people for you and/or get to the truth of any matter. We have solved 100's of cases and prevented fraud in 100's more. If you need our help we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs!