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Manchester, Lancashire

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Manchester, Lancashire



Ardent Marketing is a boutique social media marketing company that helps small businesses achieve their business goals.

Our services range from social media community management to Facebook Ads to Facebook bots. We have worked on clients such as National Geographic and South African Airways.


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Barmy Army

29 July 2019

We have had very positive experience working with Ardent Marketing since March 2019. Leighton is very knowledgeable in the paid social media marketing and through extensive testing has acquired a sound understanding of how to best gain from the system. Initially, we invested in substantial testing of different campaigns to find the best markets to continue to target. From this we were able to have a more focussed approach with better ROIs. Leighton is a keen cricketer himself which only helps with our working relationship, adding that extra layer of knowledge, insight and passion for achieving success.You can expect detailed reporting and analysis, with suggestions and improvements from the initial results of your paid social media campaigns. We look forward to continue to working together. More...


Kira Cannon

9 November 2016

Awesome and Dynamic company!! Love it! �����


Elsabe Booyens

9 November 2016

The team are young and dynamic and have a work ethic that is off the charts. Creative on point strategies designed to deliver results .

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That it allows me to be creative and innovative. No two social media marketing campaigns are the same and the social media landscape is always developing. By staying on top of the trends I can make sure that our clients stay ahead of their competition.

1. I want to help other businesses grow their businesses
2. I love social media marketing
3. I wanted to be in control of my own time
4. I wanted to set up a better future for my family

Unlike other small agencies, I am not in this to make a quick buck. I am in this to make a difference to the world. I truly care about my client's businesses and I will be transparent with you at all times. No listing fake clients, no arbitrage commission or no excuses why work has not been done.

I am a hard worker, who loves being innovative. I have worked on massive brands such as Fox Africa and National Geographic where I learned to master the art of organic and paid social media.



Social Media can be confusing, frustrating, or just plain tiresome when you are a busy business owner. For your social media efforts to be successful, you need to put at least 10 hours a week into your social media marketing but if you are like most of our clients, you probably have a million other things to do and social media marketing is the last thing you feel like doing. With 66% of the U.K adult population being on social media each day, it is important that your company is delivering well thought out and targeted messages to these users while they are scrolling down their timelines. This is where Ardent Marketing comes in, by understanding your business and business objectives, we work with you to create a social media strategy that is tailored to your brand and goals. Whether you need us to create brand awareness, promote your latest product, increase your fans or increase sales, that’s what our content will do. Once you sign up with Ardent Marketing, a social media specialist will develop a strategy based on what your business actually needs. We will analyse your website, social media platforms (if you already have them set up) and anything else that will give us a better understanding of what your business is trying to achieve. The social media specialist will then develop a social media strategy that is completely unique to you and your business. Once this has begun we will start to implement the social media strategy right away. As well as making sure that all of your profiles look professional and are optimised. We will handle all the interaction, queries and conversation on your pages. Along with these, we will run paid adverts on the relevant social media platforms. If you ever have a question, need a second opinion or want to give us some feedback, your social media specialist is only a phone call away.

Are you hands on with your social media accounts but you are just not getting the results you hoped for? Social media marketing is not just about putting a few words together and pressing tweet. It is about using emotive language and stunning images that will break through the clutter and make the users actually stop and look at your content. That's not all, though, once they have stopped and looked at your content, we then need them to follow up with another action. Whether it is scrolling through your other images, clicking through to your website or filling out the contact us for on your website. This is why it is important to have world-class social media content. By hiring us to develop social media content or campaigns for your business, we will develop messages around predetermined topics that were decided on by you. So if you want to promote a specific product, encourage users to visit your store or get users to download your app. That is exactly what our content will do. Each month, we will create content for all your different social media platforms. Once we are done, we will forward you a draft of the content and get your feedback. If you have any reverts, we will make the necessary changes and forward you the content calendar. You will now have a calendar full of powerful marketing messages, that just needs to be shared on your various social media accounts.

The social media marketing landscape is always changing, as soon as you understand how to use a platform, new changes are made to the website and it leaves you feeling like you are in the dark again. Imagine that you could have an employee that was a specialist in social media marketing and he/she has worked on some of the world's biggest brands. Imagine they could help you improve your social media marketing efforts, help you design social media campaigns that will drive results and know how to use social media to achieve different business objectives. This sounds wonderful but at the same time, it sounds really expensive right? Well yes, to hire somebody like this, it would cost your business £40K-£50K a year but with Ardent Marketing you can have a social media specialist at a fraction of that price and you will only pay for the work that you need. The advantage to hiring us is that it is our job to make sure that we are ahead of everyone else in the social media marketing industry so that we can make your brand stay ahead of your competition on social media. We can share our knowledge with you via 3 types of consultation packages. ​ Once off consulting session Campaign based consulting sessions On-going consulting sessions ​ So if you would like to sit down and discuss how we can optimise your social media pages, increase your followers, improve your social media content, make your Facebook Ads more effective or find out what you can do to improve your social media marketing efforts as a whole. Please do get in touch.

Creating a page on social media is free but if you truly want to be successful and get your social media messages in front of a large target audience then you will need to do paid social adverts. The different platforms have their own powerful targeting capabilities that will help your business reach a much larger audience than traditional marketing methods at a fraction of the price. Reaching your right target audience can be a challenge when it comes to Facebook and Twitter ads. There are many factors that go into a successful social media advert and throughout the last 6 years of experimenting and growing with the platforms, we have come to understand the ins and outs of getting the best results at the lowest prices. We can set up campaigns to grow your audience, generate leads, drive traffic to your website, sell products and even drive in-store visits. Before we set up a campaign we will need to determine your objectives and budget. With this information, we will then create an advert on the relevant platform to generate those results that you are after. But we do not just leave it at that, we analyse the campaign results and optimise your campaigns every few hours to make sure that it is performing at the best possible level. If you would like to make your budget stretch further, let Ardent Marketing do your paid social advertising.

If you look at companies with great social media marketing presences, you will notice that all of their content on their different social media accounts tie into one overall strategy. If you want your social media marketing efforts to pay off and achieve your business goals, then you will need a strategy that aims to achieve those business objectives. If you have already hired somebody to handle your social media accounts but you are not seeing a return on investment, then the problem might be your strategy or lack thereof. After gaining a deep understanding of your business and what you need your social media marketing efforts to achieve, we will work to develop a social media strategy specific to your business. Once we have completed the document, we will then present it to you and your team to make sure that the everyone understands how the strategy needs to be implemented to be successful.