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Scandinavian (Nordic) baking, sourdough rye bread, cinnamon buns, pulla, Karelia pies, ...

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Karin DelSignore

Mimi puts her joy of baking into everything she makes.


Crista Marianne

Mirja makes delicious tasting and most beautiful cookies and cakes in eastern Pennsylvania. And her rye bread ���


Elina M Lease

Very tasty bread!!!


Pasi Kortelainen

Delicious rye bread!


Jaana Paukkonen Gilbert

Authentic Finnish rye bread! You won't regret ordering.


Tuija Ojala

You gotta try Mirja’s bread! It is sooooo delicious ♥️


Alex Adams

Awesome! Mimi makes the most beautiful and delicious cookies and cakes...each one is a hand made work of art!
...And her sour dough Finnish Rye bread is out of this world...yummy and foody and good for your belly and health too! More...


Tiia Arala-Desmond

Best ever Finnish rye bread! Can't wait to try out those Carelian pies


Robert Stratton

Just got some Rye Bread, Spoon Cookies and Karelian Pies from Mimi.
They are outstanding! We are so lucky to have found her.


Piia Chartouni

Delicious bread and cookies, I highly recommend! My son who is a picky eater loves the rye bread with just butter on it.


Jonathan Eron

I just received my order of Sourdough Rye Bread from Mirja "Mimi" Adams' new Arctic Swan Bakery, They are fantastic! Just like the ones in Finland. Sour Rye the way it was meant to be! More...


Janette Palmgren

Thank you so much. I got the order here to Alabama in 1 day!! I love the "ruisleipä" and "karjalanpiirakat". I will order more in the future, this is the best bakery!!!


Erica Tapola Fugate

Omg!! I just received a box with Finnish rye bread from Arctic Swan Bakery and as soon as I smelled in the box my childhood came rushing back!! The rye bread is just the way my grandmother used to make it in Finland. ��� Kiitos Mirja!!!! More...

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