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Arcadia Studio

Aldershot, Hampshire

Arcadia Studio logo

Arcadia Studio

Aldershot, Hampshire


We provide website design and management services for small and medium businesses. Our specialities are designing WordPress-based brochure and e-commerce websites, as well as providing ongoing support and content management.

If you would like to contact us directly please use the contact details in our profile or the contact form on our website.


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What makes a great website?

Convenience - your users want to find the information or products that they are after as quickly as possible, so here are 12 essential elements you must consider as part of your website design:

1. Your business name and purpose should be immediately obvious and prominently displayed.

2. Speed: your website should load within three seconds.

3. Mobile-friendliness: your website should be accessible on mobile phones, as well as tablets and computers.

4. Intuitiveness: it must be obvious what your users need to do, with priority for the most important information, and clear calls-to-action.

5. Navigational simplicity: it must be clear for users to find their way around your website.

6. Readability: use readable fonts and high colour contrasts.

7. Scannability: can your users quickly and easily scan your website to take in its information at a glance?

8. Accuracy: is your website copy clear and free from errors such as poor spelling, missing words and bad grammar?

9. Elegance: does your website design use plenty of whitespace (but not too much)?

10. Branding: do your website's colours, fonts and logo represent your brand's personality, and are they consistently used across all of your communications channels?

11. Contact information: is it easy for prospective customers or business partners to reach you?

12. Timeliness: is all the information on your website current and up-to-date, especially your business contact information, service offerings, and prices?

Invest in these 12 website design essentials so that your website can put its best foot forward on the web and work 24/7 for your business.