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Arc Health specialises in VitalityLife & VitalityHealth Insurance for individuals and businesses. We also have access to the whole of market for comparable rates.

Our range of Life Insurance products:
Life Insurance - Term or Whole of Life



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I help give people peace of mind about their financial protection for them as an individual or their business.

With the Vitality protection you get rewarded for keeping active - most of my clients earn back their premiums in rewards and cash back. This gives them something extra than protection.

My own health journey of getting a Chronic Illness, not having insurance cover which would have helped my financial situation was great hindsight! I'm passionate to help others to be protected.

The great thing about Vitality is not only the extensive cover, its the 'fun stuff' (as one of my clients calls it), the weekly rewards you get just for doing what you are already doing....taking steps each day. We also get annual cashback with out Life policy if we have reached a certain stage too.

I'm open, honest and authentic. I only provide cover for what they need and when they need it. It's all about you (the client), I have advised people to wait and not to rush into something if they are unsure, I have advised clients to keep their existing cover if it's the right thing to do. I do this because I care, not just to make money.

I have a number of clients who have switched their Vitality policy written by someone else because I have been able to provide them better cover at the same price - because I specialise. You wouldn't want a GP to do your brain surgery would you?