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Amy A.

6 July 2017

Just had our wooden blinds cleaned. I have done them a few times myself but this is so much better, they are amazing!  I feel like they are brand new!  Definitely would use them again.


Mark J.

5 August 2015

Greg took care of restringing my wooden Venetian blind in the time and pricequoted. Retail blind sales offices around the city don't do repair work! When youdon't want to replace the whole set of window coverings, this is the place to go.Definitely worth the trip. Good people doing good work. Call first! More...


Susan G.

4 April 2015

If you have Venetian blinds that need repair, cleaning or re-taping, this is the place to go.  They have tons of tape colors and are fine with repairing vintage ones vs. your buying new ones (which they sell).although they don't advertise walk-ins, if you ring the bell they will answer the door.  they're very nice people and do fantastic work.   i can't wait for them to do the blinds in my new house! More...


S S.

21 October 2013

I had a set of blinds on my terrace door that had become mangled years ago. Then someone accidentally knocked them off and they sat in a crumpled heap for ages. Finally, in Aug/Sep 2013, I found Aracon Venetian Blind & Drapery on google and gave them a call. I described the crumpled mess, they said they'd come out for free. They were prompt and did not pressure me to buy anything. The price to repair was reasonable and they got the work done in as reasonable a time. I would definitely use them again based on this experience. Extremely easy to work with and no run-around or price changes or extra fees. More...


Eric X.

12 August 2013

So I tried to fix a venetian blind that had a broken pull cord.  I sourced parts from Aracon on the cheap, and the proprietor Greg was friendly and helped me out.  The place is not really set up for retail biz and seems more like a wholesaler/b2b type of operation, but they won't turn you away, so don't be put off by the very non descript digs. Cash only (maybe checks).Anyway, I totally messed up the repair and broke some plastic clips that held the metal rod in place.  I returned with the entire thing for them to fix.  I just picked it up today, and it's like new.  They did a fantastic repair and clean up job at a fantastic price -- and they did it right quick too.Thanks Greg and your crew.  I will not hesitate to send people your way. More...