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We cater to any and all audiences of any style.
We are in the business of doing photography and creating models we are not out to satisfy the everyday public.
Everyone has their own preference but the one that really matters is up to your profession.


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Toot & Molly

22 February 2019

The shoot was so amazing I can’t wait to receive my pictures


Ayana Lyles

24 December 2018

Today I got married and he did my last minute wedding photos. I’ve been working with him since I was 15 I’m currently 21. He has been my own personal photographer and comes highly recommended. More...


Kishon Carter

24 December 2018

Brodie did his thing. Mans was super cool and mad friendly. Greeted my and mines with a smile and jokes were coming left and right. Couldn’t help but get super comfortable and relaxed. Would recommend to any and everyone More...


tink tink

24 December 2018

He took AMAZING photos of me! Great quality!


Tia H

24 November 2018

Honestly since I’ve been taking pictures with him it hasn’t been any other photographers. He does great work and practice due diligence. Extremely professional and also always thinking outside of the box. More...


Kioshi Lettsome

26 August 2018

I truly enjoyed shooting with approved media he was very professional and patient on our 9hr shoot. Our shoot went from day until night and it was amazing every step of the way. We went to 4 different locations and shoot over 5 different outfits. I haven’t shot in a while and it was nice to get the feeling of modeling again. I’d recommend him to anyone who’s interested in a shoot. More...


Im S

27 July 2018

He took some beautiful pictures of my wife and myself. Cool guy. Great photography skills.


Lyka Flora

27 July 2018

I thought I was going to be nervous, but I wasn't and everything just went smoothly. My pictures turned out better than 100! Best believe this is the best place to get your pictures taken. More...


Brandi Renae

27 July 2018

Took amazing pictures of me for my brand. Would love to do more shoots with him. Suggestion wise I’d say for him to try and not talk AS MUCH. Conversation is amazing and his points are valid but majority of the time it’s unnecessary and can be a conversation for another day. Basically don’t want to talk to much and use the time to take the photos to get a point across. ‍♀️❤️ More...


Diamond Durant

23 May 2018

By far the best photographer I’ve worked with, super professional and also a joy to be around. He makes it super easy to open up for us newbies and helps build ur self esteem and self confidence in yourself. The work quality and results were phenomenal. You WON’T be disappointed More...


Asia Lee

30 April 2018

He has a great personality and my pictures came out amazing. Thankful that I get to work with him. More pictures coming soon #BOOMNATION


Alexis Robinson

20 March 2018

He’s great, always come through when you need him. Been my photographer since I was 19


Brianna Turner

18 March 2018

I did a wonderful shower shoot in my home. I felt well comfortable and respected based on the image I wanted. We had very relatable conversation throughout my session that made me feel like he was more then just a photographer, he was a friend. He even traveled to me. I will surly be returning :D More...


Dana Roux

12 March 2018

I decided to work with him because I could tell by his work and also how he speaks about his work that he's very passionate about what he does. It was also my first time modeling and he did a great job at making sure I was comfortable. More...



4 March 2018

He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Set up was great and the pictures turned out so well! I’m so satisfied with this company and I will be returning very shortly for another photography session.


Goddess Pooh

22 January 2018

Wonderful photographer who makes models feel very comfortable, which is truly important. Each photo was beautifully captured showing his passion in his work; followed up with amazing edits! He’s my photographer for my many ideas and look forward to working with him on other projects! More...


Christina varney

26 October 2017

If you're looking for a professional body painter or to update your profolio this is your guy prices are affordable and he's very professional and the are results are breathtaking


Danika Macklin

21 August 2017

This has been a wonderful first experience with many more to come. Chris is an amazing person to work with and he knows exactly what he's doing. I can't wait to do this again.


Tionna Waddell

2 August 2017

I loved it he really takes time to capture your beauty


uneaque freeman

15 July 2017

H is awesome to work with and my pictures came out great...I always have a great time when I shoot with him


Dominique Smith

25 February 2017

Very professional modeling service. Clients are well taken care of with dignity and respect. A++ photography!



9 February 2017

The best photography and modeling agency in the 757 they come highly recommended by me


Tona B

9 February 2017

One of the most professional photographers in the 757. I chose him because he has won the award for #1 in Session and Event photography for 2015 & 2016. He was willing to work with me and adjust to my weekend schedule. More...


Focus and good lighting. When it comes to a good photograph composition and a clean edit are also major factors. You need to be able to see your vision of the memory you are creating and execute it.

What's your budget? Where are we shooting? How long is the shoot?

Seeing people receive quality work and helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

My Father has always owned his own business and it made me want to be as independent as he was as a child.

They should choose me for a realistic aspect and having a mind that always finds a way to see outside of the box.



Each Shoot After - $175 (Includes 2 hrs. 2 looks 2 edits per look, No unedited shots) Extra edits - $15 per extra edit To Include Any Unedited Shots - $250

Any Shoot - $85 (Includes 2 hrs. 3 looks 2 edits per look, No unedited shots) Extra Edits - $10 per extra edit To Include Any Unedited Shots - $250

Any Shoot - $175 per hr. 2 hr. minimum $350, $75 per hr. after 2 (Includes 2 hrs. 3 looks 2 edits per look, No unedited shots) Extra edits - $15 per extra edit To Include Any Unedited Shots - $250

Per Model/Guest - $150 (Include Refreshments Photoshoot and 1 edit per look 2 look max 10 shots per look) Extra edits - $15 per extra edit To Include Any Unedited Shots - $250

Standard Fee Plus these when requested to come to you. Hampton and Newport News - $45 Outside of Hampton and Newport News - $80+ (May include Bus or Train Ticket also Room and Board)

$250+ (Stencils, Supplies, Gold Sheeting, Sand, Sprinkles. Please understand this is a time-consuming process that requires you to stand still or lie still for long periods of time.) Extra edits - $15 per extra edit

$250 for 4hrs. $75 each hr. after (Refreshments must be included as well as table to work, Prints sold for $5 a piece they have no effect on the hourly charge in any way and will NOT be accepted as a basis of negotiation) $400 for Video $150 for Backdrop Inclusion $100 for each additionally required worker

$75 per design (after 1st agreed upon concept complete $35 per alteration) Send all information names addresses and info spelled correctly to ApprovedMediaInc@gmail.com

$2500 for 4 hrs. $250 each hr. after (includes 1 photographer digital photos, Bride and Groom together Edit, also all photos unedited on the flash drive provided.) $250 for booth setup $250 for wedding album with a few edits $1,000 for wedding video non-negotiable

$5,000 (Includes Theme Selection and 5 pages 300-word max. each $500 per 200 words after first 300) Please have words and info already typed with spelling correct in the email requested. $1,500 per page after 5 (300-word max. included $500 per 200 words after first 300) $75 per photographic edit and resizing for the website.

The standard cost of receiving an extra edit over the allowed amount given at each shoot.