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Aplin Uno Creative

Mountain View, California, Santa Clara

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Aplin Uno Creative

Mountain View, California, Santa Clara


We call ourselves generalists. One of the advantages of marketing for 28 years is the very broad range of projects we’ve done. Corporate ID, branding, collateral, Powerpoint, videos, project management, trade shows, events, language localization, infographics, product design, UX/UI, email blasts, websites. That’s why we consider ourselves generalists.


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A good website needs:
1. To look interesting, to draw in the intended audience
2. To have a clear message--what do you do, and perhaps, how do you do it.
3. To have good organization and functionality so the user doesn't get lost in navigation & usage.
4. To have a clear call to action

1. What are your goals?
2. Who is your audience?
3. What has or hasn't worked for you?
3. What is your budget?
4. What is your timeline?
4. What media is important to your business (print, web, emails, social media, trade shows????

We get client input, learn about client products and process, do research on the market & competitors, propose a plan, then implement.

Once a project has been identified, we would like to know the following:
1. What do you want our agency to provide, and what will the client provide?
2. Do you have an existing look-and-feel?
3. Do you have a budget?
4. Do you have a deadline?

What we love the most about our marketing agency is the satisfaction of a job well done. Seeing our client's success makes it all worth while. We also love working with our team—they have been with us for a very long time and we like and respect each other and are thankful to be able to work together.

We were young and idealistic. Now we're older and wiser.

We have a lot of marketing expertise behind us. When we started, it was pre-desktop computers. We were fortunate to have helped roll out early products for Apple. We've seen and done a lot since then, and have been fortunate enough to keep up with technology to a point where we're the rare bird that has both experience and technology expertise. We are new to Bark and look forward to new collaborations.