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APC, Inc. provides psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and families. Our ideal client is an individual or couple serious about transformation and needing an experienced facilitator and partner in that change. We bring years of combined experience to the art and practice of psychotherapy, incorporating the latest advances in psychotherapy — including relational psychoanalysis, neurobiology, and mindfulness — helping individuals and families resurrect themselves out of painful patterns of relating and dysfunctional coping to enjoy more full and prosperous lives.


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Lee Stoltzfus, PhD

4 December 2017

Dr. Alibrando is a consummate professional, both as a psychologist and an executive coach. Having worked with him on a joint presentation to other business professionals on goal setting and goal achievement, I experienced his knowledge, insight, creativity, professionalism and warmth. I highly recommend his services.


Shankar Lakshman

28 November 2017

APC, Inc. has been instrumental in helping me surmount and overcome many issues both in my personal life as well as professionally. I am actually quite grateful. This organization has proven to be very helpful to me over the years More...


Dr. Enrico Gnaulati

27 November 2017

Dr. Alibrando is as sincere, trustworthy, and knowledgeable a professional as one could find these days. He listens well, takes all the available information into consideration, then responds and acts in an individualized a manner as one could expects. I highly recommend him.


Shane Hipps

26 November 2017

Dr. Alibrando is brilliant! His insight, awareness, and intuition break open new possibilities and pathways for people. If you need help navigating difficult or complex relationships at home or in work, he is outstanding. I love his simple (but never simplistic) approach to understanding human dynamics and emotions. I highly recommend working with him. More...

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We love the challenge of connecting with people with real-life issues in a way that is unique to them. We love facilitating a process of growth and course correction. We love relating to people in a genuine and deep way that augments real change and growth.

To contact us: Call 626-577-8303 (ask for Dr. Sam Alibrando) or email us at info@APC3.com.

After being the director of a large graduate school training clinic, I realized that I wanted to work with people and not be an administrator. So at time of this realization, I started Alibrando Psychological Consulting. I divided my time between working with organizations, facilitating workshops and have a clinical practice. It was not too long after that I brought in Janette Davis in as a second therapist and then (a few years ago) we brought on Dr. Bujko to round out the team of dedicated therapists.

To contact us: Call 626-577-8303 (ask for Dr. Sam Alibrando) or email us at info@APC3.com.

Vast experience & training. Award-winning author on the topic of emotional intelligence and change. Dedicated, personal, competent and ethical. We are committed to genuinely connect with people with deep respect as distinct people with issues and challenges that are unique to them.

To contact us: Call 626-577-8303 (ask for Dr. Sam Alibrando) or email us at info@APC3.com.



Deep reaching psychotherapy to facilitate long-term change and growth. Good for people who want to growth and/or suffer from depression, anxiety, relationship challenges and addictions.

To help relationships that are stuck and perhaps in trouble. Premarital counseling Infidelity recovery Parenting consultation for children of all ages Divorce repair and recovery for the whole family Adolescent counseling

Help individuals (and their partners) suffering from the tyranny of sex addiction and relational addiction Infidelity recovery Men's group for sex addiction

Coaching for managers and executives in organizations (from small non-profits to Fortune 100 companies). Facilitated targeted workshops (e.g. Emotionally Intelligent Leaders, Becoming a more effect team, etc.) Leadership team development Personnel /executive selection (hiring) and on-boarding. Corporate culture assessment and growth.