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Aparat Images Event Photographers

London, London

Aparat Images Event Photographers logo

Aparat Images Event Photographers

London, London



We are London based Event Photographers, offering bespoke event and party photography services for all occasions, from birthday parties to conference events.

Aparat Images photographs all types of events and parties, across the whole of London and the South East.


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18 February 2019

James and Beata are friendly and professional. They made us feel at ease throughout the Photoshoot and the quality of the photos are exceptional. We are very happy with the final products and would highly recommend them both! Thanks for making it such an enjoyable experience and for giving us photos that we can treasure forever! More...

8 January 2019

Aparat Images did a great job at my Christmas dinner party this year. Arrived on time. Took photos of everyone having fun. The end result was a lovely surprise and much better than I expected. I will use their service again for my next party. More...


You have to capture a genuine moment. The whole point of a photo is to be a visual memory - if you pose people for pictures, you aren't creating memories of your party, you are creating memories of somebody interrupting the fun everybody was having at your party!

This is why we use a documentary style, so that all of our photos are unposed and capture genuine moments and emotions. These have a timeless look and are always great to see again in years to come.

There are so many variables in event photography; your event is a one-off, unique thing. That's why we don't offer standard options to choose from. We customise our event photography services to your needs.

There are three things I need to ask every potential photography client:

1. Do you like our style? - if you don't like the pictures we take, then we don't think it us right for you to book us.

2. Do you know how long you want us to be at your event? - if you have never hired a photographer before, you might not know whether you need them to be there for 2 hours or 4 hours! This is where our professional photography experience comes in handy - we want to agree the RIGHT time for you, not the MOST. If we aren't there long enough, we will miss opportunities for great photos, but equally if we are there too long we will just be taking the same pictures over and over which is quite boring.

3. Do you have any special requirements? - okay so just from you contacting us we know you want us to turn up at a certain place at a certain time and take some pictures. But what else do you need? Maybe a photo booth will make your party pop. Maybe you specifically want a female photographer for your hen party. Let us know and we can work it out.

We love the gadgets. We are big tech geeks and enjoy editing the pictures as much as taking them!

A little bit of background - Aparat Images was established by James and Beata, a husband and wife team.

The first experience they had of hiring a professional photographer was for their wedding. After looking around at several options, they found quite a few things lacking in the photography market - particularly, everybody was offering really rigid packages that couldn't be customised very much, and their fees were really unclear. They couldn't really see why package X cost more than package Y, and why some photographers seemed to quote for their time without mentioning the digital files would be a separate additional charge at the end, or why they couldn't change the package to get an album that wasn't out of fashion by 10 years.

James and Beata were already serious amateur photographers - so they saw an opportunity to start Aparat Images, fixing the problems they experienced by offering services that were customised to the client's needs, and by providing quotes that were a single clear price. What the client needs, no hidden fees.

There are two simple but important reasons. Flexible packages. Transparent fees.