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Angela Grenier

12 May 2018

Fantastic personal trainer! He helped me reach my goals and I loved that we were able to do our training sessions where it was convenient for me (home, office, waterfront).


Tiffany Ward

4 February 2018

the experience is so personal and to my needs, I am aware there are so many generic pieces of advise out there but with Antochi fitness, it's specialized to my specific needs. Antochi fitness has helped me loose over 100 lbs and become something I never imagined saying.... I"m now a runner! Thank you Antochi Fitness! More...


Julie Christ

23 January 2018

Nathan has great body awareness when it comes to he and his clients. He can watch you walk across the room and know where you are tight or a little off. He then designs his workout around that. If you have an event or sport that you are interested in, he will help you strengthen those muscles so that your experience is more enjoyable. He is extremely knowledgeable about the muscle groups and bone structures which make him a great partner for a Physical Therapist or Chiropractor if you have an injury. More...

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