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I have been working as a photographer for the past 20 years, starting out at the Birmingham Post and Mail in their commercial department before going it alone 12 years ago. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and get great pleasure from meeting new people.



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Great photo or what most photographers would say is the money shot comes from firstly being in the right place at the right time. The lighting and how the subject is framed is the main thing. I'm not going to lie, a lot of great shots happen totally by accident. You have to take a different viewpoint on different subjects.

It really depends on what the project is, for instance I shoot commercial, PR, Weddings, Events, lifestyle but to name a few. Each assignment i have the images could be used for completely different things. A wedding, you want to stand the test of time. An architectural shot you might want it dramatic. As a photographer the first question for anything is, what is it going to be used for?.

I love meeting new people, I feel privileged to be able to cover someones wedding. To have a client book you is amazing, I am going to be the one that puts their special day into pictures, no one can do any better than that.
Variety, I love the fact that every job is different.

I worked as a photographer for many years in Newspaper and Commercial departments. I got made redundant, when some of my clients heard about this, they said they would use me if i went alone. This is the best advert anyone can have. So i took the bull by the horns, wrestled a little and 16 years later still doing what i enjoy.

I am a people person first and foremost. I love meeting new people, I have a laugh and a joke with clients when required but also serious when needed. I like to think i make people feel at ease. Quite a few people dont like their photo taken, its my job as a photographer make a person feel relaxed and happy. Hey, they say a photo can say a 1000 words, better to have 1000 good words.
Mostly though I offer a professional service, clients need to feel they are in good hands and they don't need to worry about the outcome.