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Anthem CrossFit  Reviews

Anthem CrossFit Reviews

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Robbie Harvey Media
5 02/07/2018 Robbie Harvey Media

If you want to change your life, spend the money and join Anthem. Trust the process and watch everything change in just a few months!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Robbie Harvey
5 02/07/2018 Robbie Harvey

In just 3 months this place has added years to my life! I'm blown away at the change physically and mentally! A great family atmosphere for you to grow and become Anthem Strong!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by William Striepeck
5 26/10/2017 William Striepeck

Has an "Average Joe" feel for a Cross fit gym, which I like better than the tactical tattoo look of most boxes. Courtney is a great trainer and Owner.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Will Sibley
5 11/01/2017 Will Sibley

The environment is so motivating. Coaches are extremely knowledgeable. The athletes are awesome. It really is like a family. Definitely not your typical "gym." You feel great after every workout. All the above is what keeps me coming back day after day.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Sara Mitchell
5 31/12/2016 Sara Mitchell

I love Anthem. The coaches and members of Anthem CrossFit have definitely become my family over the last two plus years of training with them. They work hard to provide a great workout that is tailored to your ability and most of all safe. My favorite part of the day is getting off work and going to the 5:30 class. If you are looking for a box that will challenge you and cares about its members than this is the perfect place.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Haley Jensen
5 27/12/2016 Haley Jensen

I've been a member at Anthem for over 2 years. The coaching staff is extremely knowledgeable, cares about their athletes, and are professional. The equipment is very well maintained and the community (members) are the best part. Everyone is so welcoming and has become like family to me. I highly recommend Anthem to anyone in the Pensacola area.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Bryan West
5 22/12/2016 Bryan West

I've been training at Anthem CrossFit for just over a year now and I can say without reservation that it has changed my life. The coaches care about your success and take an active role in helping meet each athlete's needs and limitations. They will help you improve your form and modify workouts based on where you are as an individual. All of the athletes are welcoming and ready to inspire. You quickly make friends that will help keep you accountable to your goals. I've accomplished things I never thought possible over the last year thanks to the amazing people at Anthem.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Tammy Sutton
5 Tammy Sutton

Wonderful place with an amazing group of people running this place who care about their community. UWF student social work organization and Called2Rescue thanks you so much for supporting the cause to fight human trafficking!!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Kimberley Nolen
5 Kimberley Nolen

Love Anthem CrossFit. I am #Anthem Strong because of the dedicated coaching staff and fellow athletes who provide an encouraging judge free atmosphere where we are all encouraged to do our personal best!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Karen Christian
5 Karen Christian

I did two days worth of drop ins a couple of weeks ago. Guys, if you are looking for a great gym, this is the place to go in Pensacola. Instantly, when you enter this place, there is a very inviting atmosphere. The coaches (all of whom have legit backgrounds) all are nice, and genuinely express an interest in helping you improve. There is plenty of space and quality equipment. If I lived in Pensacola, this would be the gym I would go to, hands down.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Billy Striepeck
5 Billy Striepeck

My workout family! The box is set-up very well, the owner Courtney is a great human being and a red blooded American!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Cindy Carff
5 Cindy Carff

It has been over three years since my family began our CrossFit journey. Anthem has been a place where we have felt challenged and motivated. The coaches have helped us modify workouts and develop our strengths. I can't imagine not starting my day with a great workout! Thanks, Courtney, for providing a great place for us to grow stronger and fitter as a family!

Also, a shout out to Fork First Nutrition. Thank you, Coach Kat, for all the encouragement during our first challenge. The Nutrition program is NOT just about the food! It is about how to truly embrace a healthier lifestyle. I have been encouraged to not just eat better, but to sleep better, drink better, live better!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Clif Head
5 Clif Head

I took a chance on this Crossfit "fad" and really bought into it back in May (7th), I was hooked after the first couple of weeks. I'm so glad I stuck with it and can't begin to thank the coaches Courtney, Jeff and at the time Melanie & Chris. Without their guidance, encouragement, and knowledge I surely would've have given up a long time ago. It is a great place with great coaches and great people who always seem to want to help and see you improve.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Mickey Crist
5 Mickey Crist

I started the new year off starting CrossFit. I was really nervous about how intimidating the people or the workouts would be, but every coach at Anthem is extremely nice and helpful in helping me push myself. I love it now because of the coaching I received. I loved it and the community feel right away!!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Daniel C. Hunt
5 Daniel C. Hunt

I just started CrossFit in April and was a bit nervous about how things would be. The coaches at Anthem are incredibly helpful and encouraging, and the people are very welcoming. No one expects you to be at an elite fitness level, but you will be pushed to become a better athlete and reach your goals!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Shane Schrock
5 Shane Schrock

Great atmosphere with an energetic staff

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Dante Spagnolo
5 Dante Spagnolo

I have been doing Crossfit for a year now. I started back in September of last year. I will say this I love crossfit. It's more than just lifting things up and doing wall balls like crazy, or how heavy your back squat can's about being part of a family.
I belong to Crossfit SpanishFort in Daphne, Al. Because of my drive, I had to find another box that I could get in and workout at least 3 days a week. I stopped in on the first day at Anthem, and everyone welcomed me with open arms. The first class I was in at Anthem was run by Coach Scott, now I didn't know Scott, but being his class and under his direction, something sparked! Scott took the time to correct the littlest things, it was amazing how that little correction improved something else. From that point on I had decided I was going to ask Scott to be my Crossfit Coach! It has been amazing journey these past 4 weeks working with Scott! My favorite Coach in the Crossfit Community is Ben Bergeron and when I am with Scott and feels like I am being Coached by Ben. Scott has taken the Barney out of Basic and literally has started from the ground up, reteaching me EVERYTHING...from the bottom up. You go to a class or two and compete in a competition or two and think oh I don't need a coach my movements are just fine. But having a personal Coach, is way beyond what anyone can have. A personal Coach will take the time to watch a movement and and correct that movement. I don't mean just on the bar, I'm talking about everything from feet, legs, ties, hands, hamstrings, hip, midline, core placements. It's amazing how you think you have the movement down, but having that personal Coach to stop you and break it down to the basic just makes you grow more as an athlete and as a person. I highly recommended taking advantage of getting a personal Coach, you will see the difference!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Myra Cook
5 Myra Cook

This is a family friendly gym with a positive encouraging atmosphere!!!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Rosemary Finley Kozak
5 Rosemary Finley Kozak

I entered a stranger to Crossfit 2 weeks ago and now I feel like family here! Friendly staff and fun fellow athletes. Very professional and attentive to my safety and development. I looked at several gyms before deciding that this would be where I called home. Best decision I’ve made in a while! I know I won’t feel and look the same in 2 months...getting fit NOW! Come join the Anthem family friend, you will be so glad you did!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Meredith Avery- Ott
5 Meredith Avery- Ott

Mona was so nice! Accommodated my injury so well. Next time I’m in P Cola, I’m going back!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Robbie Harvey
5 Robbie Harvey

Crossfit can be intimidating. But Anthem made sure I was welcomed and connected. If you’re looking for a family friendly place to workout, this is it.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Rachel Amanda
5 Rachel Amanda

Anthem Crossfit is very welcoming and friendly. Great attention to detail on technique and safety is managed by the coaching staff. It is a very family friendly atmosphere and all of the members are friendly.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Tara Stracener
5 Tara Stracener

Anthem is where my Crossfit journey began. Incredible coaching staff that truly cares about the athlete as a person and not just a membership holder. Welcoming environment that is perfect for the beginner or an experienced athlete as well.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Rachel Wicke Rosier
5 Rachel Wicke Rosier

I came to Anthem new to Crossfit and way outside of my comfort zone. The people grew on me right away. The atmosphere is encouraging and motivating. The coaches are patient and knowledgeable. I get excited every evening to find out what the next day's workout will hold. So glad I found Anthem! I'm loving this part of my journey!

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Maliça Staples
5 Maliça Staples

The owners and trainers are genuinely motivated to improve the lives of their patrons through fitness and health. Regardless of your fitness level, give Anthem a try. This is not your meme CrossFit! This is a gym full of disciplined, committed athletes.

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Amy Workman
5 Amy Workman

I have compared Anthem to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Some boxes are too small, some are too big, but Anthem is juuuuust right. This is the third box that I have tried and I promise you, from the very first free Saturday class I attended, I felt the difference immediately. Everyone took time to introduce themselves or shake my hand. I didn't feel intimated or left out...I did however feel like I wanted to be a a part of this amazing family ASAP. I joined 2 days later. It's been 8 weeks now and I hate to miss a day. I love the programming (even though I complain about it almost daily :) and the coaches take their time to make sure we all know what we are doing. They push us and motivate us. If you are thinking about trying...stop thinking and just do it. You won't regret it. #anthemstrong

Review of Anthem CrossFit  by Trent Page
5 Trent Page

I’m now 4 months in since joining the Anthem Crossfit family and truly feel like a part of the Anthem family! This is a veteran owned gym and is absolutely fantastic! My physical fitness goals have been exceeded far beyond my own expectations thanks to the great coaches and atmosphere at Anthem. I have been using added personal training sessions for the past 2 months in addition to the core classes. Courtney (the owner) is phenomenal and provides great motivation, structured, and personalized personal training sessions specifically geared for my specific fitness goals. I have seen my personal physical fitness change dramatically since doing personal training sessions with Courtney and I’m now on track to meet/ exceed my personal goals. Thanks Courtney and thanks Anthem for helping me reach my goals! If your hesitant to try crossfit or Anthem contact Courtney or the other great coaches and I assure you they will make you feel comfortable and at home!

Anthem CrossFit

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