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Thank you for your interest! FYI I am completely booked for 2019 - taking 2020 Bookings now!

If you like my sample portfolio here, I urge you to visit my website via my profile and get in touch -- I get a lot of requests but find it difficult to know who is a serious inquiry and there are only so many marketing dollars at my disposal via this platform (I pay a fee for each request follow-up).


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Säoirse Lupien

6 September 2019

If we could speak to every person reading this, we would personally urge you to hire Annabelle! She’s THAT GOOD. We don’t know how she does it, but you must know she’s magic personified! We are beyond grateful and happy with all the people that helped us on our big day but Annabelle was someone special that came along at just the right moment when we were discouraged and floundering, and finding her seemed to bless the rest of the planning process. She did our engagement photos and we were absolutely gobsmacked; that was us?! She never let us down and was always true to her word, and we knew no matter what happened we had our Ace; we would have beautiful pictures because of her. To say we’re overwhelmed is to say the very least; there will never ever be anything less than whole hearted gratitude and joy in our hearts when we look at the images she’s found in the rough. Her professionalism, and attention to detail aside, she had a phenomenal way with our people (several guests told us how impressed they were with her!). She has a way about her that helped us stay calm and focused, because she was there every step of the way up to and including our wedding day; Annabelle was an integral part of our wedding day feeling like less of a blur. When she showed up, we felt like things were going to be ok . She uses her incredible talent and eye for artistry to capture the overwhelming feelings and sentiments of the day for us, in a way that retells the story and let’s us live it again and see it with fresh eyes. we know that our guests and especially our families are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE all your photos because we already do!! We’ve found our family’s photographer for life Thank you, thank you, a million trillion times THANK YOU!! More...


Kaara Smith

4 February 2019

Annabelle shot my wedding last July and was THE best. Not only did her photographs come out better than my wildest dreams, I can't say enough about how fun and kind she is. She brought me so much comfort on my big day when I was heavily overwhelmed and was also amazing at keeping track of times and schedules even when I couldn't. Hire Annabelle - you will not be sorry! More...


Jacqueline Morrison

24 December 2018

My husband and I had the pleasure of Annabelle taking photos of us for both our engagement and our wedding, and the experience couldn’t have been more positive! Annabelle was extremely receptive to our suggestions and concerns from the get-go, and made sure that she wasn’t making us uncomfortable. For our engagement celebration, she chose a stunning backdrop on the banks of the Lachine Canal in Montreal, and arranged the photo session to coincide with a fabulous sunset and an equally stunning moonrise. For the wedding day itself, Annabelle and her assistant Alex were entirely professional and unobtrusive, all the while managing to capture the proceedings perfectly. They split their time between the bride and groom for the “pre-wedding” photos, and then for the rest of the day (and most of the night) they were on hand to make sure nothing was missed! Annabelle made sure she adhered to our schedule, and struck a perfect balance between the classic posed photos and the more spontaneous natural shots. As with all couples, we were extremely excited to see the photos when the big day had passed, and Annabelle provided us with several “teaser” sets while she worked on getting everything finished. We cannot speak highly enough of the work done by Annabelle and Alex. We are thrilled with our photos, and would like to say a big “thank you” to them both for all their hard work! More...


Tiffany Minorgan

24 November 2018

Annabelle’s photography allows for the soul to shine through, so naturally and easily with her eye for light and telling a story in a moment, not forcing or changing what is. The mood she creates is authentic and flows so easily. I was so happy to collaborate with her and I adore the photos she captured of my son and I - she was an absolute delight to work with. She captured this time in our lives, with such an ease and grace that can be seen in the photos. Thank you, Annabelle! More...


Kayla Gribbon

16 November 2018

Annabelle is amazing and incredibly professional, organized, friendly, and so easy to work with. Our engagement photos were beautiful and we had so much fun during the photo shoot. She made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. We are so happy we have found such a wonderful photographer for all of our future photo needs. I would highly recommend Annabelle Agnew! More...


Amanda Guerriero

15 November 2018

Our engagement photos turned out absolutely amazing due to Annabelle's amazing eye on capturing light and color. We had the most incredibly time with her and we cannot recommend her enough!!


Elise BG

15 November 2018

I won a free engagement photo shoot with Annabelle and we had a great time. Annabelle was very kind, engaging, professional and experienced. We had a wonderful experience with her which has lead us to ask her to be our wedding photographer :) More...


Kaara Smith

25 September 2018

We hired Annabelle to shoot our intimate surprise wedding ceremony and reception in the summer because of her incredible ability to capture candid photos and the different perspectives she had an eye for. We loved the colours and editing she chose and then based our final decision on who she is as a professional - fun, open, easy to talk to and a great communicator. We felt at ease from the moment we spoke to her on the phone, to pre-wedding meetings, the wedding day itself and lots of communication after the fact. Wedding photography is a big cost, and we felt like we could completely trust Annabelle with our vision and money. And we could! On our wedding day, Annabelle was not only our photographer but like a wedding spirit guide. When things seemed hectic, Annabelle was calm. When it got super hot, Annabelle was cool. When we were veering off timelines, Annabelle was gently keeping us on track. Her vibe was just so calming, half the time you couldn’t even tell she was there and when you needed her she was always there. It was incredible. She was incredibly kind and patient but authoritative enough to get the most perfect shots.And then the photos. We can’t even describe the quality and beauty of the moments she captured. Not only did she capture so much and have an eye for some really intimate moments that may have been unnoticeable to anyone else – she edited the photos to bring out the most beauty in them. Her work was stunning and we couldn’t be happier with the treasures she has left us for the rest of our lives. More...


emeline villedary

25 September 2018

I contacted Annabelle Agnew to shoot a professional portrait and capture in situation shots of my fine art studio. While I had originally just needed photos for my website, I ended up getting so much more. Annabelle proved to be intuitive and creative in her approach. She made me feel so comfortable and made me feel like I was perfect 'as-is' in the natural light of the day. The photos ended up reflecting back to me a version of myself I didn't even know existed. It was an empowering experience. The process was easy and fun.... I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a photographer to capture a memorable experience or event. More...

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What I love most about wedding photography is how so many things have to culminate together for the finished result: learning about your stories; getting my organizing chops on getting your contract ready, establishing your best timeline, arranging group portraits efficiently; find the right light in all the situations -- light holds endless fascination, making your story come through as it unfolded; finding the snaps that hold deeper meaning in history before and in your future self. Delivering a gallery that makes my couples feel like they're reliving one of their best days. Finally, if you've had some harder moments in life, you recognize the value in being surrounded by loved ones and taking a moment in time to define it. There is something so magical about this celebration -- and I never lose sight of this.

My parents are a Fine Art Painter and a Lighting Designer -- you do the math on what their influence would have been like and it makes sense that I ended up here.

I'm organized, reliable, empathetic, creative and work hard. Some might say "workaholic" but I truly do strive for balance... and if you love what you do it doesn't feel like work.