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If you’ve ever found yourself saying ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’, ‘Nothing in my wardrobe suits me anymore’, ‘I never have any time to shop’ - then I’m here to help.
As we are constantly told, our lives are getting ever busier and trying to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion may be very far down on the to do list, especially if you have a demanding career, busy family life or an exciting social life (lucky you!


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Siobhan McNamara Montague

Loved my session with Annabelle, she really opened my eyes to what really suits me. And how to work key pieces into my wardrobe. Couldn't recommend her enough.


I love seeing the smile on a clients face when they look in the mirror. They seem to literally grow in confidence in front of my eyes!
It's really rewarding to help people find clothes that suit them, and that also bring together clothes in their wardrobes. Clients are usually at their happiest when we find ways to wear some of the old favourites by bringing them back to life with a fresh new piece.

I've always worked in a Sales and Client service role and have been lucky enough to attend many events through my work from International Conferences, Music Awards, Movie premieres etc. Through this work I've found myself advising on outfits as I've always kept up-to-date on the latest fashion and I like to help people look and feel fantastic! Working as a Personal Stylist is incredibly rewarding and I wanted to do something that I love and have a huge passion for.

I can help clients with outfits for weddings, Christmas parties, going back to work wardrobe reviews etc. I'm a huge fan of the high street but I also love to work with local independent stores, especially as Bath has many to choose from. Most importantly I can always find an amazing outfit that makes the client feel wonderful, regardless of the budget.