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Faith Grady-Leblanc

We had such a great time! Super empowering! Great group of peep's! Wanna keep on going! Fun Fun Fun you are missing out!!!


Anu Guraya

MIND BODY connection this girl is the real deal!!!! She's taught me so much over the last year about myself...looking forward to continuing to work with Ania...she's changed my life!


Annika Polegato

Ania is an amazing coach. She has helped my husband and i with our nutrition, cardio, strength ... and more than anything our self confidence. Its a privilege to be on this journey with her as my coach! She can relate to the challenges we face in trying to lose weight, is super supportive and patient. She truly invests in her clients and makes you believe you can accomplish your goals More...


Faith Summers

I'm so grateful I found Ania! I've been back on track and successfully getting fitter and healthier despite injury and illness that have been keeping me down! I'm a busy woman and Ania makes it so easy to check in, get support and adapt my fitness to my frequent travel and chaotic schedule. If I could do this on my own, I would have already. But with a bit of help, I'm reaching my goals! Not just fitness, and healthy eating, but a healthier perspective of self. I'm really proud of the changes I've made, and I wouldn't have done it without Ania. Thanks!! More...


Alana Lorimer

I've known Ania for roughly 15 years and I can say she is one of the sweetest and most supportive people I know. Her dedication to her clients is something that is not seen often in the times we now live in. She is always there to motivate and encourage and adapt any workout to best suit your needs or fitness level. She is wonderful at working with injury modifications and can easily adapt to get you on the right track. I've struggled on and off with injury or setbacks etc she has never once given up on me and is always reminding me of my end goal. I never feel judged or that I've disappointed her, she truly celebrates every achievement with you. She is the best support I could ask for and I'll be forever grateful. Couldn't recommend this business enough!! More...

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