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Tina Benedictsson

17 December 2018

I have been using Angels Pet Sitting for longer than I can remember; they are THE BEST and I recommend them to anyone looking for quality pet sitting/dog walking service. Wendy and her team always go above and beyond, and I know that my dogs are extremely well taken care of and loved. Always reliable and flexible, even with short notice, if my schedule changes. I really like that they’re a small team; they know my dogs and my dogs know them. More...


Mary Leila Bishop

30 November 2018

Wendy makes Rumba and Bolero happy. I'm always comfortable leaving them in her care


Nicole Silverstein

30 November 2018

Wendy is the greatest! She treats my 5 doggie furbabies with lots of love


Vanessa Barron

30 November 2018

We are so happy to have found Wendy before our trip!!!!!


Lynda Raley

30 November 2018

Wendy is wonderful. She takes great care of our kitty--who would much prefer not to have a stranger in the house. Wendy makes sure kitty gets all of her meds and she sends pictures so we can see how she's doing.


Brutus Hvidsten

30 November 2018

Wendy takes care of me and she is the best. Even when she gives me medicine I still love her because she is kind to me and gentle. When mama and dada are not here Wendy is who they choose to care for me because they love me and want the best for me More...


Barbie Blake Boy

30 November 2018

I wish that I could love this page because Angels Pet Sitting is amazing! The care they give are pups is awesome...we love the texts and pics when we are away. Many thanks to Wendy for providing such great service and love! ❤️️ More...


Brandi Marie

30 November 2018

My cat is incredibly social and I hate leaving her alone when I travel. Wendy always responds very promptly when I text her and has ALWAYS been available even when I ask her to come last minute. It always makes me feel better to know my cat is in such good hands while I am away. Wendy is awesome!! More...


Elizabeth Sampson Moller

30 November 2018

Was so relieved to have Wendy and her staff care for my dog while I was traveling and needed to arrange for a petsitting service (last-minute) from Asia! Communication, care, and attention to detail were A++! I would recommend them highly to anyone in the Fort Lauderdale area, and plan on calling them again in the future! More...


Nadiya Singh Hvidsten

30 November 2018

Brutus is our baby and when it comes to his care we are PICKY. Nothing but the best for him that's why he is here with Wendy at Angels Pet Sitting. Brutus takes a pill every 3rd day and no one so far has been able to give it to him, but Wendy has. Trusting her with Brutus just tells you that we have looked and looked and we have finally arrived at the best. Thank you Angels Pet Sitting. I love your feedback and the care you provide for our baby. He means the world to me and therefore having the best is the only choice. With you taking care of him I relax when we are not there with him. Sending our best all the way from Poland...Thank you Wendy for being so good to Brutus. He loves you... More...


Kimberly Costello Ruggero

30 November 2018

Wendy and her team are the best! I know my 2 cats are loved and well cared for when I'm out of town. She's very patient as one is not very social but she always caters to her to make sure she gets her food! Highly recommend Angels Pet Sitting! More...


George G. Labbad

30 August 2018

Perfect pet sitting. Saw Wendy in action and learned from her a while back. Inadvertently became the go-to guy - MAD DOG GEORGE - for my friends and family's pets (dogs only). Wendy is wonderful.

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