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Counseling for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups

Life Challenges I work with:

Specializing in Bereavement, Grief & Loss

Relationship Issues
Women who have lost themselves during motherhood, including post-partum depression and other parenting challenges


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Dawn M Campagnola

23 July 2018

Angela is a kind, thoughtful and intentional therapist. She offers the best of herself in her sessions with clients as well as with her colleagues. You will be in good hands working with Angela. More...


Evelyn Schmechtig-Cochran

23 May 2018

I had the honor of interviewing Angela about grief and loss. She was awesome. Extremely passionate about her work with the bereaved and very knowledgeable about the subject. I could tell she aims to provide a safe space for her clients. More...


Diana V.

5 April 2018

Angela Topcu has provided me with guidance during the most difficult time in my life and did so with much care and professionalism. It is very difficult to find therapy professionals with the knowledge and understanding that Angela Topcu provides. She is centrally located and offers flexible hours; I highly recommend her! More...


Diane S.

21 January 2018

Angela has a great healing presence. She is naurally empathic. But more than that she is very knowledgeable about counseling and more specifically grief and bereavement. Fremont is lucky to have her practicing here. I highly recommend her as a skilled clinician. More...

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I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#102987) who has a passion for integrating psychology and spiritual practice in my work with clients. I aim to help people by using an eclectic and holistic approach to therapy, drawing upon my many years of studies in psychology, meditation practice and spiritual inquiry. I believe that the interface of psychology and connecting with your deeper purpose is essential for healing and growth.

I am particularly passionate about helping people learn how to have greater self-acceptance, loosening the insidious grip of self-hate and self-judgment. Utilizing present-centered awareness, I aim to help clients become more aware of the thoughts and lifelong beliefs that keep them stuck so they can eventually move into their fullest potential. By assisting clients to tap into their own deeper wisdom, my goal is to help guide them forward with greater clarity and a renewed sense of trust in themselves.

I know from my own journey and from helping many other people along the way, that the road can be very dark at times and sometimes we need a compassionate, caring person to help hold the light. It is a great honor to help people heal and I care deeply about helping clients experience greater contentment, joy, meaning and freedom from suffering in their lives.