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Andy's Vintage Disco

Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire

4 hires on Bark
Andy's Vintage Disco logo

Andy's Vintage Disco

Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire

4 hires on Bark


I offer Vintage Disco Parties - a chance for people to re-live the classic disco and nightclub nights they enjoyed in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's, or for younger party goers to experience the heyday of disco, but I will play anything required, from vintage toi modern pop.


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17 October 2019

Andy is very nice man. I found him very friendly and an excellent choice for my 70th birthday party.
He played the right music for our age group and some very obscure choices of mine.
Andy was more than happy to take requests from my guests he was very professional throughout the night.
Do I recommend him would I hire him again.
A big resounding yes a full five stars.
Thank you once again.



24 August 2019

Lovely bloke, planned playlists as required, very professional excellent communication, great night had by all, many thanks Andy, xxx



6 January 2019

Andy's Vintage Disco was an excellent choice.

He played the right music for the guests, and was happy to take requests.

Andy interacted really well with everyone, was professional and obviously very experienced.

I'm glad I paid above some of the other quotes to get a great DJ for a great night. I would recommend Andy's Vintage Disco, and will definitely be using him again for my next event.



6 December 2018

Andy is a great guy. I found him amenable and engaging. I sent a play list to Andy which he had transcribed and loaded up to his software for the event. His equipment was good and his overall positive attitude was a hit with the party goers. Mine was a test evening with a modest number of friends and aquaintences but it felt like a family get together . Andy helped to foster the relaxed atmosphere, he played requests and also remained faithful to the set list. I was able to explain what I required for the event and Andy got the message pretty quickly. I wholeheartedly recommend Andy to anyone out there who wants an experienced and flexible DJ with warm and friendly manner.
So much so that I will be working with Andy for my next venture in the spring.


It's simple, but a lot of DJ's fail to act on the basic aspect of a good party - read the crowd.

Every crowd is unique, so playing the same set of tracks in the same order for everyone simply won't work.

You need to work out the crowd on the night, and find which particular tracks make them dance, and then follow it right through the night.

Too many DJ's play what they and their friends they have brought along like to listen to, or they play what they would like the crowd to enjoy.

The secret is to be professional. Work alone, concentrate, read your audience, interact with them, and make it their night - that's the job.

I am a personality DJ.

That doesn't mean I think I am a comedian, or I embarrass people on the dance floor.

I will interact with them, make them feel involved in the night - I will happily look at advance playlists from the hosts, and I always take (and play!!!) requests on the night.

It's about getting the crowd together and dancing, and then concentrating on the music, and making the night flow through to the end.

Entertaining people.

From my very first disco, I loved the sight of people having a great time which I have helped to create - and I have never lost that feeling from then to now.

The end of the standard night-club means that people don't have anywhere to go and just dance and have a good time - but they still enjoy doing that, so I am happy to have my own party which I can bring to their party.

Because I am reliable, I am experienced, and I will do my job professionally and always put the party guests first.