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SoapBox 65 Marketing is both a national and international digital marketing company. Based in the Midlands, we support business and help you gain a better understanding of digital marketing and social media tactics. We offer a unique composition of support and training, and are able to embed skills and knowledge which will provide you with long term benefits.



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Using my experience from many years developing sales and marketing plans for multi-national and international companies. Using that success and expertise to bring real change, inspire and add measurable value to a business and its individuals.

Create a legacy for my children , and to realise a life long dream and vision.

You are not just hiring a company or buying a service , you are investing in the success of your business.



Create, Implement and Deliver bespoke and individual training and development programmes, related to a companies market and forward strategic plans. For over 15 years i have successfully managed and built successful sales teams and developed them as individuals who understand and function positively in a sales team environment. No training or coaching should be off the shelf or one size fits all, it has to be unique and match the needs of the organisation and the development of its individuals,making training unique brings success to both indoviduals and organisation, and is unltimately measurable

I combine social media into sales and marketing strategy providing an overall solution as suppose to just social media integration (eg how to get started with social media). Social media is a sales and marketing tool and therefore requires some In depth sales and marketing expertise which will result in the long term success of an individual or business goal or objective, social media is dynamic but will not work on its own. I also utilise social channels in helping individuals build an online presence and personal brand which enhances their career and job seeking opportunities.

Marketing skills and expertise built over a 30 year period utilising media and resources covering media,catalogues,PR,branding,POS,Exhibition design and delivery,R&D,Campaigns using non web resource and elvolvng into copy for web, social media,Digital catalogues and journals, Social Media promotion, Pre and Post Exhibiting strategy, Marketing Plans and execution. With the ability to combine sales and selling into the overall marketing proposal I believe I offer a unique blend of service and insight, thus completing the full cycle

utilising an extensive Sales and Marketing skillset and offering a broad base of advice and support by combining and integrating Social Media and using Sales and Marketing as the vehicle for organisations and individuals to better understand the connection it has on a social, personal and business level.