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The main services I offer are CV Rewrites and Upgrades, plus Career Coaching online and Face To Face, and also help with Interview Preparation.

I’ve been a Careers Adviser since 1985, and have worked in all sectors, from schools to colleges and universities, as well as with Adult Clients.


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7 August 2019

Great service, prompt on replies. Highly reccomend.

Thanks Stuart, hope you like the finished product, and it does the business.



29 July 2019

I had a couple of meetings with Andy recently and I must say that he's a tip top bloke. He gave me excellent advice regarding my C. V. and pointed me in the right direction to find opportunities to advance my career. If you need a bit of help, please contact him. You won't regret it! More...

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I can make a difference to people's careers, doing something I love, and which can have a powerful effect on people's lives.

I was starting to get frustrated at the lack of affordable, professional support for people across the board, and felt I could make a difference, using thirty years experience in the careers field. I did some voluntary work in our local community arts centre, and found that people were queuing out the door to see me, so I knew there was a need.

I care about what happens to people I provide a service for, and I will give ongoing support, because career coaching and career advice is an ongoing process, not a one off intervention. I'm warm, human and have a sense of humour, and I get on well with most people.