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Andrea Lambert, LMFT Self-Awareness Institute

Sacramento, California, Sacramento


Andrea Lambert, LMFT Self-Awareness Institute

Sacramento, California, Sacramento



Andrea Lambert is the founder and leader of the Self-Awareness Institute. She has been a Licensed Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) since 1975, and in private counseling practice since 1982. Andrea is a Certified Anger Management Professional.


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9 August 2018

This program as Andrea saved my life and my marriage. I am a whole self loving person who now knows I can handle any struggles life throws my way! I am forever grateful!

9 August 2018

Self Awareness Weekend is the best program I have ever attended. S.A.W. gave me tools to help work through life's challenges. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, in any circumstance to better their quality of life. Our quality of life is a direct reflection of how we think or view our lives and our self, if you believe yourself to be a loser and have a low self esteem your life will certainly mirror these types of thoughts. The same is true if you believe that anything is possible and you can be whatever you want to be then your life experience will mirror that too. It was the best decision I have ever made for my myself, my family, my relationships, my friends, and for the game of Golf I love so much. On or off the field my mind is in a much better place because of the tools I learned from S.A.W. More...

9 August 2018

The weekend reopened my eyes to the beauty and wonderful adventures life has to offer, getting in touch and finding out how to love your inner child and learn all over again how important it is not to loose that relationship. Life is fun again. Andrea and Shannon and wizards at helping you find that sanctuary you need in your life, and the weekend gives you the tools to keep it that way. More...

9 August 2018

My husband and I attended our first Self-Awareness Weekend 3 years ago and it was the single most important thing either of us has ever done. We experienced profound and lasting changes; healing to a degree I never imagined was possible.

The program Andrea and Shannon have created is nothing short of brilliant and in 2.5 days accomplished more than all of the years of counseling, classes, self help books and programs combined!

SAW2 this past weekend beautifully expanded on SAW and took us to an even deeper level of awareness and personal growth.

I highly recommend SAW no matter where you are on your personal journey, the results are truly amazing.


How rewarding it is to support clients to be free of their issues and live a more satisfying and fulfilled life.
And these Client Testimonials


I have been suffering from depression for years. I had difficulties coping with a new place (since I moved here from a different country), not being able to get a job, going back to school, and a husband who was too busy to pay attention to me. Like many other women I know, I wouldn't speak up or ask from what I truly wanted, instead it I would always adjust to other's needs. This led to emotional outbursts and feelings of worthlessness. Andrea helped me set boundaries and offered me tools to make myself healthy mentally. I had meet with her once a week, attended the weekend therapy and also continue to have follow up one on one therapy with her. Andrea will hold your hand through all your troubles but only if you can be true to yourself and willing to make a change in you life. I had been very used to making excuses, finding reasons and justifications for myself and others who had done wrong by me. Andrea spoke the truth, just the way she saw it and I appreciate her making me more self aware. I benefited from her therapy only because I was open and ready to change my life. I was accepting her advice however even though it pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it paid off. Andrea understood me and my struggles. She continues to support me to better myself. There is no miracle and my life hasn't changed overnight. But thanks to Andrea I have the tools to deal with the difficult moments in my life. I have had a positive and fulfilling therapy experience with Andrea. - Ashley R.

Andrea was absolutely WONDERFUL with my two teenagers! Their father (my ex) keeps requesting court-ordered therapy, each time with a different counselor in an attempt to get the specific answers he wants. Usually we spend weeks in sessions, but Andrea was able to cut through the illusions, smoke and mirrors SO quickly - she connected with my kids faster than anyone ever has; she was honest, blunt, and "real" with them - which they appreciated and valued immensely. Andrea was able to instill a level of trust we hadn't discovered in other therapists, and the kids left her office confident, satisfied, and feeling affirmed and valued rather than patronized and ignored. We couldn't have asked for a better counselor or therapeutic experience! - Danielle S.

I went to her for individual as well as couple counseling. She has an eagerness to get results, which I enjoyed working quickly to see fast results. After three appointments I really felt that my husband and I had a significant breakthrough in our miss-communication! When I saw her individually I really felt that she sincerely cared about my situation and wanted me to know how much she cared. Very open minded and non-judgmental. I enjoyed her balance of empathy combined with her constant striving to have me working on moving me forward. - Sara B.

Andrea's Self Awareness Weekend, which I first attended 20 years ago, changed my life! Attending the weekend intensive, coupled with the "tools" which I received there, helped me grow to love and accept myself and also return to conscious connection with my spiritual Source. I have felt joyful, prosperous and blessed ever since. - Tina McGee Brubeck


EMDR combined with what I learned from the Self-Awareness Weekend about healing my Inner Child supported me in clearing my core beliefs. I now think of my issues in a positive way, instead of with all the negative thoughts associated with the incidents/beliefs. I have myself and Inner Child now, and I don't rely on or look outside of myself to guide or heal me. - Tina B.

EMDR has helped me be free from old patterns that have been holding me back from truly experiencing life. EMDR is a tool that assists with clearing unhelpful beliefs in a healthier way. The skill and caring Andrea has was apparent in her approach. The process was healing and empowering as she allowed me to take responsibility for my own healing during the process. - Vanessa G.

EMDR in one session stopped my addiction to drinking alcohol. I was so skeptical that it could work. I am now free of my drinking addiction cravings and as a bonus after our one session, I also stopped smoking marijuana on my own. EMDR works! - Marshall M.

I am a combat veteran and I cleared in 2 EMDR Therapy sessions my flashbacks and nightmares of PTSD of two serious incidents in a war setting. - Robert L.

Andrea Lambert’s compassion, empathy and skills with EMDR as a retrieval and reprogramming modality allowed me to genuinely find and retrieve my very wounded Inner Child. My Inner Child now experiences safety, security, and self-love from my adult consciousness. I am grateful for the skills, compassion, and empathetic spirit of Andrea Lambert. Her willingness to work with me as my therapist to overcome the effects of a long term relationship with a covert malignant narcissistic female has been a gift that I could not possibly repay. The most crucial aspect of my recovery, was finding a way to retrieve my Inner Child from the emotional and mental grips of my abuser. As a fully functioning adult, I really had no idea how to recover that part of myself, but Andrea did. Her skill with EMDR as a retrieval and reprogramming modality allowed me to genuinely find that part of myself, and bring my wounded Inner Child to the present, where there is safety, security, and self-love of my adult consciousness. All of the work that Andrea has helped me with has been tremendous, but this one crucial area of her expertise, Inner Child Healing, is exemplary. She has helped me to find my healing, recovery, and return to my authentic self, more than she may ever really know! Thank you, Andrea, for your dedication to Inner Child Healing, your empathetic approach, and your deep understanding and assistance in rediscovering and stabilizing my authentic self! - C.M.

I'd been on my computer looking for a sex trauma therapist in my area that did EMDR work and also accepted Tr-Care For Life insurance. (I'm a retired Air Force Lt Col, Vietnam era pilot) My very first meeting with you Andrea, I knew I had found a match - someone I could trust with my deepest secrets and fears. And in just TWO follow-on sessions using EMDR, a sexual molestation event that happened to me some 68 years ago, was gone!! I had been carrying guilt and shame that didn't belong to me all those years, and having it negatively impact a number of my relationships for most of my life! And then a couple of counseling sessions later Andrea, with your keen powers of deduction, observation, compassion, and almost ESP, we were able to find and go back to an event 52 years ago in college, that was the foundation for my inability to form a lasting, intimate relationship with other woman - and twice divorced to prove the point. We did EMDR work on that event also, and it has enabled me to now begin the grieving process, and have the kind of marriage with my life mate that she and I have both wanted for years! - P.L. (Lodi, CA)

I experienced that I could attain lasting results for clients in a shorter time by being in private practice.

I would say because of my 35+ years of experience and my commitment to get lasting results for them in a short period of time. I am easy to reach on the phone and/or call potential clients within a couple of hours. I have been told many times by clients that they appreciated what I just wrote.