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Organic Superfood Cusine.
Farm to table
Sustainable fish
Pasture-raised meats
Cannabis Meals
Cakes with a difference

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Emma Chollet-Langvardt

I met her and her amazing superfood in LA in 2014, but I still remember it like it was yesterday! I wish that I could go eat her mind blowing food more often🌱🌷#openashopincopenhagen


Penny Hall

Andie is the BEST!!! She is a talented, heartwarming, joyful chef who makes the best food you'll ever taste <3


Sara Morell-Vaughn

Where do we begin with a women like Andie! Her way of cooking brings you to a whole new relationship with food. It is no longer a choice between healthy or tasty, with Andie you ALWAYS get both. Food becomes a love dance between what your body need and what your tongue wants. She speaks to you through her plates of magic and you can feel it from your mouth to your heart. It calls to you in a way that you finally understand how food should have always been. Her blend of herbs, flowers and superfoods will leave you speechless and forever wanting. Food will never be the same after you have experienced what Andie DISHES out ;)

Her specialty with Organic Farm to Table manners and simply divine nutrients will feed your soul and help heal wounds you thought only a Physiatrist could.


Sibyl Fenwick Greenwood

Stepping into Andie's culinary world is like tasting pure passion. Her food is delicious but the way she is able to bring together people and educate them is true magic. I've been blessed to coordinate a number of Andie's cooking classes over the years, and watching her charm the audience and create dishes that blend world's together has been such a joy for me. The only thing better than Andie's food is her personality. I'd recommend Andie for any and all events. More...


Rebecca Rhapsody Narrowe

Andie Leon was an amazing and special choice for our destination wedding chef.
In less than a week's time, and with only three helpers, she was able to make unforgettably delectable multi-course meals spanning three gastronomic traditions: Spanish, Tex-Mex, and Hawaiian for 40 rehearsal dinner guests, and then for 130 wedding guests. Andie also created a three-tier wedding cake from scratch! All using as many whole and real ingredients as possible - absolutely no fake food or unhappy meats. She accommodated for an extreme diversity of guests, from Orthodox Jewish rabbis, to vegan yoga instructors, to carnivorous Texans. What is extra special about Andie is the love and intention she puts into each dish; our rehearsal dinner was made with passion fruit to evoke passion in our marriage, and our wedding cake used ingredients to evoke fidelity, loyalty, fertility, and love. Andie also honored our wish to use as much organic and local produce as possible and actively helped us to track the necessary products down. Just a note – make sure that you have someone on your team designated to make sure Andie has the ingredients and equipment she needs,and that she is informed of event times and logistics, so she can work her creative magic. People raved about how unique and special the food at our wedding was! Thank you, Andie. More...

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Acai Chicken with dragon fruit forbidden rice
Wild Salmon a la rose with lime lucuma couscous
lavender cake with rose and goji filling
Cannabis cooking ( featured on Cooking on high-Netflix and the cannabis kitchen cookbook)
Vegan Cuisine
Superfood deserts

As my food is all farm to table organic and seasonal. I discuss with them all the veggies, and sustainable fish available at the time of the catering. Then according to the time of day, events and the kitchen facilities available then I plan an appropriate menu for their needs.

It a meditation for me. Putting great intentions the food I prepare ( like the movie, " like water for Chocolate.

One of my favorite things is to watch people go nuts over my food and how they feel afterward

I taught at Wholefoods for 3 years and develop recipes for them so it was just time to bring my food to the world.

When you want to eat incredibly tasty food with an emphasis, on healthy organic, farm to table food.
I do not work with factory animals or eggs. Everything is organic. Food with a difference
I also specialise on vegan food so all my catering have vegan dishes included and some raw