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lana de gryp

22 May 2018

I was 10 weeks post-partem when I contacted Andrea. I was very nervous about getting back into exercising because I had a weak pelvic floor, diastases recti (ab separation) and back issues. She was excellent at helping me ease back into things - constantly telling me how to modify exercises and slowly build back my strength. I did 10 in-studio Mama/baby sessions with Andrea and then Stroller Fit and during that time my issues with my pelvic floor and my diastases recti drastically improved! I felt stronger and more confident to exercise on my own afterwards! Would highly recommend her programs to anyone!! More...


Crystal McGill

22 May 2018

Andrea is truly amazing!She does a great job designing a program that works all areas and is always providing new and fun programs to keep things fresh! Before I met Andrea I hated working out , now I go 3 days a week and couldn't be happier! Thank you Andrea for not only being a huge supporter throughout my Journey but, also for being a great friend! More...


Jenna Alce

22 May 2018

I absolutely love working out with Andrea. I started with her in 2015, and her workouts have been consistently fun and tough! She has great modifications for all levels, and really understands what mom's go through physically after having a baby. Andrea is also so great with the babies, and loves to help keep them happy so the mom's can get a good workout in! I would recommend Andrea to anyone looking to get healthy, and spend time with a great group of women while they are at it! More...


Sarah Campbell

22 May 2018

Andrea is absolutely incredible ! She tailors her work outs so that they are accessible to everyone, no matter their fitness level. There is something to be said about going to a fitness studio where the instructor knows each woman personally- it makes for a very different experience from any other gym and and keeps you going back! There is an incredible community of women at Andfit. It is a place where you receive support not only from Andrea, but each woman supports one another and there is absolutely no judgement. More...


Laura Phillips

22 May 2018

The best thing about Andfit is the environment. Andrea, Carolyn, Frances and Maxine are so approachable, they are warm instructors who genuinely care and want the best results for you. They adjust the exercises depending on your activity level, how far post partum you are or if you have diastasis recti (they’ll even check for you).While you’re working out they’ll help care for your fussing baby and in the back of the room there’s a little play area with toys. The workouts themself are great, I personally love the different circuit stations, I’m someone who needs the motivation of a timer and others doing the workout with me. Keep doing what you’re doing Andrea, your studio is great! More...


Amanda Graham

22 May 2018

Andrea is an amazing trainer and person! Every class is fun, different and the perfect amount of challenging. She delivers results with encouragement and fun along the way. I am so happy with every class and have results I've never seen before in all my years of exercise. I would recommend her to everyone! More...


Rene Riese

22 May 2018

I would highly recommend Andfit to any woman who is looking for a motivating, high energy group training class. The classes are good for anyone from beginners to women that have been working out for years. Andrea makes sure that she gives modifications for anyone who might need it and she always takes interest in each woman in her classes. The classes are challenging and they push you to grow. I started Andfit in September 2016 for a six-week outdoor boot camp and I have continued going to her ever since. I am a Goodlife member, I love Moksha Yoga and I run outside in the nice weather but I keep coming back to Andrea because her classes provide a certain motivation I enjoy. She works hard to make sure that the classes are always different and you are never bored doing the same exercises. The pricing is affordable which is a huge factor for most people these days. Someone who hates exercising might try Andfit and realize it can be enjoyable!!! She offers a free class to try it out so you really can't go wrong. All the women are lovely so you might also meet a new friend :) More...

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