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Hey gorgeous!

Thanks for dropping by. My name is Anam and I'm a professional hair stylist & makeup artist.

I have worked on numerous skin tones and types in the past and place great emphasis on client care, hygiene and ensuring I perfect every part of the makeup and every strand of hair.



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As somebody who is sociable, bubbly and caring, I absolutely love meeting people and getting them ready for their special day. Many brides have told me that my personality, professionalism and artistic skill brings a sense of calm to them on their wedding day because they trust I will get them ready in the way they have dreamed. These sorts of statements honestly mean the world to me and are the reason I love my job so much!

I am a true professional and ensure that every client is ready within the required time frame, that every lash is perfect and every pin secure, and that they are feeling confident and beautiful inside and out.

I am able to carry out makeup looks and achieve hairstyling that suit the demands of a wide range of clients, from many differing backgrounds. I absolutely love that my brand caters to such an ethnically diverse clientele. I believe I have something fresh and beautiful to offer clients and that Anam's Beauty will continue to grow as a brand and service. The brand is both about physical beauty and also internal beauty, where there is an emphasis on inclusivity and spreading love & positivity. I ensure that I am always calm, patient and caring with each client. I am fully aware that makeup application and hairstyling is a very personal activity, and ensure that all my clients are perfectly comfortable with me so they may be able to openly express what they are and aren't happy with.

My makeup kit consists of the best brands in the business: NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, Fenty Beauty, Marc Jabocs Beauty, MAC, Huda Beauty, & Giorgio Armani. This ensures that my makeup application always photographs stunningly and has incredible longevity. Furthermore, I use the best quality hair curlers, sprays, pins and other styling tools; this ensures my styles always stay in place. PLEASE BE WARY of MUAs and hairstylists that use only drugstore makeup or cheaper styling tools because the makeup will not set the same way and the hair may not hold for very long.
I am so pleased to be able to offer such a high quality service to clients at a price that is both affordable and fair.

I am always available to speak to you on the phone and in regular contact with clients to ensure they are feeling excited and confident about their booking with me. I carefully listen to what each and every client is looking for and ensure that I achieve their desired look to the very best of my ability. Many of my clients become regulars because they see the joy with which I carry out my work, how flawless my makeup application is and how much I genuinely care about them.

I believe clients deserve to have full awareness of the darker side of the makeup industry as well. Many makeup artists do not have the sense of cleanliness and hygiene that they should. As a professional in the industry, I have come across cases where models have suffered from eye infections a day after photoshoots with particular MUAs, or where brides have had major breakouts on their skin right before their honeymoon due to their MUA using the same unclean brushes on their skin that they had used on multiple clients beforehand.

PLEASE BE SAFE. Book carefully and ensure that the MUA in question asks you important questions with regards to allergies and skin conditions. And it is your right to ask the MUA hygiene related questions - don't be hesitant to express any concerns related to this. A true professional will never feel offence at the mention of such things. For your information, my makeup brushes are disinfected and cleansed after each use and I use fresh lip brushes, beauty sponges and eye makeup tools on EVERY single client. I always ask each client about skin allergies and conditions before makeup application, and am always happy to answer any questions they may have.