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The secret to taking a great photograph is finding where attention to detail and the best angle meet.

Before starting a project with an new client some of the questions I might ask would be: What will you be using the photo's for? What is your budget? Is there a deadline or specific time the images are needed by? You you have image file size or dimension requirements? Is this the first time you used services of an professional photographer? Do you need any additional talent for your project such as and hair/ makeup/ wardrobe stylist? Will you need additional services after this project? Do you have an photographic style in mind?

What I love most about my job is meeting new clients and creating images they will use for years to come.

While working with professional photographers and alongside photography teams within studios, I took on the role as an freelance photographer seamlessly. As a freelance photographer I have the ability to choose my clients as well as work with a diversity of projects.

I hope to work with a range of new clients, providing them with professional looking high quality images as well as an enjoyable experience.