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Kate Taylor

Incredible service! 5 Stars ***** After being referred by the Apple Store, I went straight over with my Macbook & had a new hard-drive installed within hours. The team couldn't have been more understanding, helpful & accommodating & they turned a stressful day in to a great experience. Reliable, friendly, knowledgable hands - thanks guys! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. More...


Marcus Stephenson

Fantastic service and on-your-side attitude. Theo not only arranged the parts and repair of my out-of-warranty iPhone 6 (battery fail) within 48 hours but pro-actively made the case to Apple that the repair should be done within a special safety swap out scheme they're running for a certain type of battery problem (ones about to do a Samsung I think) and therefore when I came to collect my phone it was a NEW UNIT and came with a FULL REFUND of the service cost as Apple had picked up the bill! That is customer service beyond what I'd even expect at an Apple Store, and with a lot less queuing! Thank you!! More...


Natalia Risk

I had a great experience at Amsys in Soho. I was served by Elijah, who was most helpful and knowledgeable. My computer is working perfectly now. Thank you so much!!


Luke Dorman

What a fantastic experience from the minute I arrived and left was greeted with a big smile from Leon who couldn't have been more helpful !! Nothing was to much trouble I left phoned fixed and a happy cab driver !! The world needs more Leon's top man thank you. More...


Heerak Patel

Booked an appointment on very short notice, to sort out my failing MacBook Pro. Was served by Paul, who was fantastic in identifying the problem and arranging for it to be repaired as best possible, considering the whole thing went up the duff... and salvaging important documents.
Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.


Poppy Kayger

Booked an appointment through the Apple Store and had to wait in a queue behind all the drop ins before I was seen. Such a bad system.


Borja Llorens

I paid a big amount of money and my computer still wasn't fixed. I had to repair it a second time at a different place. I don't recommend this service at all. The whole process was very unprofessional and the second time I repaired it, I was told that the parts used initially were not official. More...


Nik Devlin

Got my MacBook Pro back from Amsys today, only to find out lots and lots of my settings have been broken. All my iTunes/BPMer stuff has been messed up, and I can't get them to work now (and yes, I used them the night before I brought it in, and they were working just fine), so I've had to load my entire 80,000+ library of music up from scratch (just as well I keep it on an extermal hard drive, eh), I've had to dump all my cookies in all my browsers as I couldn't get online (even my wifi passwords), all my Message and Whatsapp services have been signed out and all the messages are gone, I've had to re-install Word and Excel, even my old Quake scores have been dumped. How the actual *fuck* did you manage that? All you were doing was replacing a key and the top of the casing. Thanks a shitload guys! More...


Efe Jerome

they tried to quote me some crazy repair price for my mac. which I didn't need Then they held my laptop hostage and told me i have to pay £82.80 for their labour in which i had apple care. i will advise anyone with sapple care not to go amsys More...


M Cat Corry

I had a great first time experience at Amsys in Soho. My laptop was fixed in under two days and the customer service was very professional and reassuring. I was served by Sarah and Elijah on separate occasions and both were charming and explained the problem very thoroughly and made me feel confident in asking any questions. Relaxed yet efficient atmosphere. More...

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