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TechTeam Alleluia

25 November 2015

Great Company, great people!


Jnm Mitchell

10 October 2015

I have referred Amro Constructions to many of my clients as a great service provider for any of their bathroom remodel requirements. You are financially competitive, efficient, prompt and most of all you and your team are remarkable to deal with! More...


Danielle Crawford

10 October 2015

Our next-door neighbors had just finished their restroom with Amro Constructions, so my final call was to you. I was impressed with our neighbor's bathroom and impressed that it was finished within a week. We got a quote from Amro Constructions that included everything required for the restroom, down to the towel rack. The bid was competitive; in fact it corrected on line with the regional specialist. What made Amro Constructions particularly attractive was the fact that we would have a brand-new bathroom, with brand-new plumbing within one week of the start date. In addition, I am hectic with my career and I did not have the time to research and pick the materials. Amro Constructions provided me with everything I required and I purchased the products with the agent. There was huge value in this, as my time is crucial to my success as a Real estate agent. More...


Dana Gherasim

9 September 2015

My experience with Amro Construction has been more than satisfactory -- work is consistently delivered on-time and on-budget, and to say that Nick goes the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with every detail would be an understatement. I recommend Amro Construction unreservedly for jobs both big and small. More...

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