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Amplifiedfitness  Reviews

Amplifiedfitness Reviews

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Michael Toronto
5 13/06/2018 Michael Toronto

I've really enjoyed this Gym. I did the six week program and it has exceeded my expectations. This is my last week so in five weeks I've lost close to 15 lbs. The coaches are amazing, the training is challenging and you never get board. The atmosphere at they gym is non judgmental. I encourage anyone seeking to loose weight, improve physical fitness, and improve how they look to take the six week challenge.

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Jonathan J Timothy
5 12/06/2018 Jonathan J Timothy

If you're looking for results then look no further—Amplified Fitness is the real deal! They've mastered the different aspects of losing weight and strength training including easy-to-follow meal plans, effective classes, informative and motivating trainers, dynamic equipment, and a convenient app to track progress and schedule gym sessions. Don't be surprised to see other members who have experienced amazing results in as little as 6 weeks or ones who have been there for years. There are members at all different fitness levels, ages, and backgrounds which made it super easy to feel like I fit in a "family" environment. I loved the trainers and the different tactics they used to motivate while keeping you accountable for doing your part. They also, if needed, would adapt any exercise if you couldn't perform the action. I recommend checking out this gym if anything I described above peaked your interest! #liveamplified

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Joey Nichols
5 03/06/2018 Joey Nichols

What an amazing experience! This is exactly what I needed to get me back to the weight I wanted to be at, to train and prep myself for my 50K run this Fall. The workouts with Jami were so much Fun and Motivating. The meal plan was simple and very effective. I never felt hungry or deprived. My loss of 16lbs of fat in 6 weeks has me motivated to continue the health journey Amplified Fitness showed me could be a sustainable lifestyle!

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Aaron Mardis
5 30/05/2018 Aaron Mardis

My “better health” journey has been all over the place the last few years. I’ve tried different
supplements, diets, you name it. But over the last six weeks I’ve really come to appreciate and love the
feeling of good old hard-work mixed with the proper nutrition. From day one working out with the
5:15am Amp-family I could see and feel a difference. The Amplified trainers really know what they are
doing. They have everything you need to get over, under, around, or through whatever it is you are
facing… and the rest of the Family, all those who SHOW UP day after day, they are some of the nicest
most welcoming people I have ever met. I truly believe that I am a better and stronger person because
of this experience. Thank you, Thomas, Michele and Jami, for allowing me to participate.

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by jenny nelson
5 19/05/2018 jenny nelson

I enjoyed my experience at Amplified Fitness so much. They made me feel really comfortable even though I felt so out of my element. They always cheered me on! They helped me reach my goals! I loved the environment they had with everyone working together and supporting each other. I will always recommend them!

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by arthur wheeler
5 11/05/2018 arthur wheeler

This place is awesome, I love the atmosphere very welcoming, but the coaches still pushed me and made their expectations clear. I lost %6.9 body fat in just six weeks. The thing I like most is that they focus on sustainable lifestyle changes so it's not just one diet and done. I plan on being with Amplified for years to come. My wife is joining me as well. #AmpFam!

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Camron Thompson
5 23/04/2018 Camron Thompson

Amplified is the friendliest gym around. Every one pushes each other along and nobody judges how much you can or can’t do. The trainers are right there to help and guide you through each work out. I never thought I would enjoy going to the gym but the friendly environment makes it a blast.

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Tyler Fawcett
5 20/04/2018 Tyler Fawcett

I got a call from a friend telling me about some challenge he saw on Facebook and that I should join in with him. I’ve always been hesitant about joining any sort of gym because they all have a stigma about them and I have never felt like I would fit in. I agreed to the challenge knowing that I would have a buddy there and thinking that I would more than likely complete the challenge, fulfill my goal, and get my money back. I have to say that I more than accomplished any goal I could have set for myself and I’m very satisfied with the way things went and the way things are moving forward. I have renewed my membership, made a bunch of friends, feel like I fit in and everybody is there to help me succeed, and I’m working toward one of the biggest goals I’ve set for myself thus far in my life physically. I’m excited to keep going with the lifestyle change I have made and I’m very grateful to Amplified Fitness for allowing me to be a part of the family and help me better my life in so many ways. Thank you Thomas, Jami, and Michelle for the hard work you put in to help people be the better people they want to be.

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Beverly Bendfeldt
5 18/04/2018 Beverly Bendfeldt

My only regret is that ... I didn’t know about this place sooner!! I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join amplified fitness! Not only are the coaches amazing but the members and the overall atmosphere is so welcoming! They have such a variety of classes that it’s easy to stay motivated because you do something new everyday. I don’t know the first thing about what to do when working out on my own so this was the perfect routine to add to my day to day! If anyone reading this is considering signing up... run don’t walk and get yourself started here ASAP!

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Walter Brambila
5 16/04/2018 Walter Brambila

So I had a amazing experience here at Amplified Fitness. The commitment and dedication the owner and coaches and not to say our AmpFam is out of this world. I highly recommend this place if you are ready to change your life around. If you’re looking for a gym that you feel welcomed and at home this is the place for you.

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Samantha Memmott
5 16/04/2018 Samantha Memmott

I cant say enough good things about Amplified Fitness! I just completed the 6 week challenge and not only did I see results I didn't think were possible in just 6 weeks, I also found a gym with incredible workouts, trainers that truly care about their clients and their success, and a workout family that made coming to the gym both fun and motivating. This place is awesome, the workouts are challenging but fun and the change it has made in my life has been incredible. I would definitely recommend Amplified Fitness !

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Charlee Knorr
5 16/04/2018 Charlee Knorr

Amplified fitness has totally changed my life for the better! I have tried numerous workout and eating plans, but nothing has worked like this has. I am so stoked to see where my progress is in a few months. The environment is unlike any other, I walked in the first day so nervous and everyone welcomed me with open arms and big smiles! I get so excited everyday I go back. We all motivate each other to do our best, this gym is full of positivity!! If only I knew about Amplified sooner!!! THE BEST GYM AND TRAINERS EVER!!

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Angie Mirrione
5 26/02/2018 Angie Mirrione

They have put a lot of thought into making your fitness goals a reality. The team work, accountibilty tools, and trainers are unlike anything I have seen from a gym before. They take time with each person making sure you are doing the right form with every single movement. Also, all of your results are tracked and progression at your fingertips through an easy to use app. All a long the veterans are cheering you on as you learn the ropes. I would recommend you begin with their 6 week challenge.

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Sam Vaitai
5 25/02/2018 Sam Vaitai

My experience with Amplified Fitness has been great!!! I’ve always been active and fit, however Thomas, Michele, and Jami have been able to push me to another level, which I never imagined I can get too. Not only with the workouts and meal preparation, also with the positive energy and atmosphere!!! Every single person is equal here, no matter experience or level in fitness, it is contagious to have the amplified energy run through your being!!! I love this place, it’s life changing and it’s a family!!! A family I belong too!!! There’s not a places like this, even our trainers are brother and sisters 😜!!! Thank you Amplified Fitness

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Noelle Reeve
5 25/02/2018 Noelle Reeve

Amplified Fitness is the best place to go if you are looking to better your life!! It is not your average gym. This place is seriously one big happy family who looks out for everyone’s best interest! You will never find people as inspiring, motivating, supportive and overall amazing as the people at Amplified. This place has changed my life for the better and I am completely grateful for the support I’ve been given!

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Don Small
5 24/02/2018 Don Small

This place is amazing! They walk through each workout and make sure you are capable of doing it properly. If not, they will scale the workout to fit your fitness level. No one is ever turned away! The trainers are amazing, and caring and great to talk to. If you are looking to get back into shape and need a place that works well, than I would highly recommend coming and joing this family.

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Steven Linford
5 24/02/2018 Steven Linford

I've tried all the gyms, and they have their place for some people I'm sure. But, if you are very serious about getting you're results, this place is the way to go. They give you all the tools you need to succeed. It's not easy, but the atmosphere is so welcoming and accepting, at the same time, the enthusiasm, motivation, and inspiration this family gives you is a recepie to find you're better self inside and out. I would highly recommend this place for anyone. It's no fancy frills purpose built go to work type of place.

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Natosha Black
5 24/02/2018 Natosha Black

Amplified Fitness has helped me get my life back. Everyone there believes in you and want you to succeed just as much as you want, YOU just have to make the effort to go. I've made a lot of friends here. I've lost a lot of weight here. And I'm gonna put on a lot of muscle here. I recommend just trying it. I guarantee you'll get hooked. It's unlike anywhere you've worked out before! I love Thomas, Jami & Michelle. All amazing trainers!!!!

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Skooby Rubasu
5 05/02/2018 Skooby Rubasu

Went to visit a friend in Utah for the weekend. We used to workout together so, naturally, I went for the morning workout. I had such an great time on top of an amazing workout. My friend was telling me how it’s set up with their own profiles online and you can see what the workout will be. It was a great group of supportive people. If I lived in Utah, I would not hesitate to be a part of this community.

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Christine Wheat
5 10/01/2018 Christine Wheat

I signed up for a 6 week challenge with my husband and after both decided to join. The atmosphere was awesome. The trainers are very knowledgeable and encouraging. The people that we worked out with started to become family. They were very welcoming even though most of them had been going for years. I am excited to continue my journey there.

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Kristen Reese
5 02/01/2018 Kristen Reese

I’ve always known that I need to eat healthy and workout regularly to get in shape and achieve my health goals; it needs to be a lifestyle change. I have looked into a lot of places and tried many things, but Amplified Fitness has been my solution! I was hesitant at first, because I was nervous I would feel lost and out of place and that I wouldn’t be able to have fun. It’s always scary to put yourself into a situation like that. Boy, was I wrong! My results were unbelievable: I lost 20 pounds of pure fat AND gained 3.1 pounds of muscle in just 6 weeks!
From day one, I was provided nutrition help, semi-private training sessions that are different each day, and an accountability coach to help me through the last 6 weeks with questions and motivation. The trainers care about each person! They work with each person during the workout to make sure they are able to do the workouts correctly and with good form. They even modify workouts for those who need it, until we can get stronger. The trainers have the mentality that it is important to just show up and try your best each day!
With the nutrition, I have learned to build a habit to eat healthy, but not stress myself out. With the training and workouts in a group setting, I have been able to push myself to limits I didn’t know I had and to crush workouts. I have also been welcomed into a gym family that motivates, inspires and pushes me to be better.
There is a different atmosphere at this gym, unlike I’ve ever experienced. Each and every person wants to be there. Each person shows up to work hard and be their best for every workout. It’s inspiring and amazing!
The people at Amplified Fitness give you the tools you need to succeed, and with your own hard work and determination: sky is the limit for you! I experienced that in just 6 weeks, and I am hooked! I can’t praise this place enough. The last 6 weeks have changed my life in a way I have always wanted, and I look forward to my future at Amplified Fitness!

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by Sam SNIPS
5 31/12/2017 Sam SNIPS

Amplified Fitness is amazing!! Thomas and his Team are unbelievable, they make you feel welcome, motivated, and their Knowledge is second to none. Entering in I was over 350 pounds, I wanted change and had been exercising and loosing weight on my own, but I knew I needed to find a way to get to the next level and I FOUND IT! Despite the fact that my fitness level was not on par with others at the gym, I never felt unwelcome, judged, or intimidated. Exact opposite, I immediately became part of the family, and that is how they make their members feel. I was quite concerned that I could possibly put myself in harms way trying to do things that I wasn't capable of. Thomas and his team assured me that they would take good care of me and IT WAS FAR BEYOND THAT OR ANYTHING I COULD HAVE IMAGINED. They had me exercising right along with the rest of the gym, provided modifications so I could keep up with the pace of the class which was a great feeling. They clearly know what they are talking about and it gave me confidence. I thought, if they think I can do it.. MAYBE I CAN! They knew I was capable of more than I did and it was just amazing. Anyone wondering if it's something you should try, all I can say is do yourself the biggest favor of your life and accept the challenge to Join Amplified FITNESS! Your body will thank you! I was that person who knew I needed to exercise and eat healthy but where do you start? Thomas and his team, provide clear easy to understand nutrition plans, they are able to quickly evaluate your fitness level and provide you movements that are challenging, yet are within your current range. Their plans put you in a position to succeed all you really have to do is provide the effort, which I found was not hard to do because you instantly have an entire gym of people who are rooting for you to succeed! I would look forward to the workouts every day and its all thanks to the amazing atmosphere that Thomas and his staff have created. IT starts at the TOP, Thomas Grove is amazing! He is the real deal, he has a passion for fitness and a passion for helping others and it is clear that his passion is instilled in his staff and that passion fuels the entire gym and its contagious. In just 6 weeks I lost 27 pounds but the experience was far better than just the numbers on a scale. I became stronger, they track your workouts so you can not just think you are improving; You can see it by comparing how you did the last time you performed that workout. Each time I was amazed at how much I had improved. Each day is different so it doesn't get boring, its just a Great EXPERIENCE! All I can Say IS THANK YOU to THOMAS AND THE STAFF AT AMPLIFIED FITNESS!! ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE TODAY!

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by McKinzi Hammon
5 18/12/2017 McKinzi Hammon

Amplified Fitness is an incredible gym. My sister and I signed up for a 6 week challenge and were blown away with the results this gym helped us achieve in such a short amount of time. We lost a combined 31 pounds and over 13% bodyfat!! And as if that wasn't enough to deserve this 5 star review, the staff and trainers are incredible people. They challenged us, motivated us, taught us good form and how to use equipment, and how to eat properly in a way that was easy! The members that attend are some of the most kind and giving people we have come across. It truly is a gym family. I would recommend this place to anyone... young, old, and all shapes and sizes. They will design a workout that is best for you and will give you unbelievable results!

Review of Amplifiedfitness  by mike hart
5 29/10/2017 mike hart

Awesome people, place and coaching. I’ve been going here for the last 8 weeks and have seen great results. I get a lot of comments lately on my weight loss. Working out in this group setting adds a lot of encouragement and I push myself harder than I would normally. Everyone is positive and works hard. There is a plan for people at all levels of fitness too. If your willing to push yourself past good enough... come check out amplified fitness.


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