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chris mustard

8 May 2019

They have made staying organized simple and easy. In the past, doing my taxes was a part time job. This year everything was organized and I had information all year long allowing me to know if I was on track and keep an eye on revenue and expenses. They also make great use of technology to simplify and do away with the box of receipts. Highly recommended. More...


Stephanie Gilmour

23 March 2019

The best accountancy services I've ever had. Impeccable attention to detail and willing to do anything for great customer service. Feel so much safer having Taban and her team behind me! More...


Shiva Golpira

6 February 2019

very knowledgable and professional... highly recommend her.


Mahshid Karimi

22 January 2019

I switched to Amicus Accounting for my bookkeeping. I had a couple months worth of catch up work. They finished the work in less than a week. Not only they were able to identify and fix the problems in my books they also advised me on how to prevent them in the future. They are not your typical bookkeeper. They also provide insight on how to manage expenditures. More...


Marcel Newell

23 December 2018

Great job! Very professional! Very detailed! Very accurate!


Tina Abdollahi

24 October 2018

I had a great experience with Taban, she is very knowledgeable and was great dealing with some of the tough questions we had. She is professional and her response is timely and to the point, it was easy working with her and would recommend her with confidence. More...


Alison Wong

24 October 2018

I randomly found Amicus Accounting on google when I was searching for a bookkeeper for my small business. Now I know why this place has 5 star reviews. They've made the process super easy for me. I no longer have to drop off paper documents for my bookkeeper every month. I love their cloud/automatic document sharing process. It's made my life so much easier. So yes 5 starts for them! More...



24 September 2018

Taban is a knowledgable professional that knows what she is doing! She is responsible and hard-working and you will be sure that your matter will be taken care of if it is in Taban's hands! I have had her filing my taxes and got her help on some book-keeping related matters and I was very satisfied. I would for sure recommend her. More...


Sandy Gum

26 June 2018

I have consulted with Taban to go over my company's expenses and bookkeeping records. Taban really knows her stuff, and she is very detailed oriented. If she needs to double check or clarify something, she always gets back to you. I highly recommend her bookkeeping services! More...


Tim Wray

22 May 2018

Taban really knows how to create systems for keeping receipts, invoices, cheques and income statements organized. Tax season is so much easier to deal with when everything is clearly categorized, safely stored and easily accessible. If you are looking for bookkeeping services in Vancouver, Taban should, without doubt, be the first person to call. More...


Marie M.

22 May 2018

I had a very positive experience dealing with Taban. Taban is professional, efficient and attended to my tax declaration immediately and had it sorted almost as soon as humanly possible. I was impressed on how quickly Taban could process both my BC and QC income tax. It was money very well spent, I wouldn't hesitate to use Taban's services again and if every someone asks for a recommendation, Taban is the answer. More...

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