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Amia Marcell

Hickory Bluff, South Carolina

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Amia Marcell

Hickory Bluff, South Carolina


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Marlan Henry

30 September 2019

Amia photographed our 50th anniversary vow renewal ceremony on the beach at HHI. We saw her confidence, professionalism and passion with our initial interview. She came through with 5 stars in every area. Amia captured our hearts with every photo! We are so excited to see our photos coming soon. More...


Anna Singer

31 August 2019

We took a family trip to Hilton Head flying in from 3 different states with 11 people total including 4 young kids and an elder. My sister and I gifted my mom a family photo session with Amia for Mother’s Day. She was easy to communicate with and very responsive. She worked well with all of us, and we appreciated her artistry of also capturing candids as well as posed photos. Her turnaround time was very quick, and we were extremely pleased with the photos. Thanks for capturing some amazing memories we will cherish for years to come! More...


Jessica Horne

8 August 2019

My (now) husband and I fell in love with Amia. She is such a wonderful soul and her photographic eye is excellent. She took our engagement photos in December as well as rehearsal dinner (sunset dinner cruise), wedding and Sunday brunch afterwards in July. She is a joy to work with, flexible, open to ideas and quite simply she is brilliant. More...


Kalou and Lucia Kaloull

28 July 2019

Amia is extraordinary! She was so accommodating, professional and a true joy during my sister and new brother-in-law’s wedding. She stayed until we had all of the pictures we wanted. I can’t say enough good things about this creative, wonderful artist-photographer! More...


Candace Hobus

23 July 2019

Amia helped with a professional photo shoot for my website and social media. Not only did she take the photos but she helped stage most of them! I was beyond impressed with her skills and will use her again in the future. More...


Kristin conners

27 June 2019

Wonderful positive energy. Highly recommend



15 June 2019

Our session with Amia Marcell Photography was fantastic & better than what we could have hoped for! We had such a fun time with her and got so many amazing photographs that we will cherish forever.


Regan Thomas

11 May 2019

I would choose



28 September 2018

I just love the way that Amia Marcell
Works very organized
Funny and very professional



19 July 2018

Amia recently did my engagement photos and is booked for my wedding!! She made my fiancé & I feel so at ease & comfortable! She was extremely easygoing, friendly & professional. She was flexible about locations to shoot & captured the perfect light in every shot. More...



22 June 2018

Amia Marcell was amazing and so easy to work with! She made us feel super comfortable for our biggest day! Her pictures are just.. So Real! Natural and amazing!, she has the special skill of bringing the “photogenic” out of us while enjoying our Wedding Day! We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for amazing photos and a great person behind the camera! Thank you Amia Marcell!! More...



22 May 2018

Amia was absolutely fantastic!! She was an absolute joy to work with and a pleasure to have at the wedding. She was clearly experienced at what brides require on the wedding day and she even helped plan how the day was going to go with scheduling! The pictures we received are fantastic and we found her rates very reasonable. If I could have given her 6/5 I would have. Hire her!! More...



5 May 2018

Chosing the photographer for my wedding wasn't something easy. I needed someone who would get the pictures of this day and allow me to look back at them and feel like I was still there. I chose Amia Marcell and man am I glad I did. Amia Marcell is hands down the best experience I've had with any photographer. She's such a delightful person to work with and she truly knows what she is doing. All of the pictures taken were great quality and captured the moment like no other. Now we have memories that will last forever More...



4 May 2018

I’d never been in front of a camera before so I was a bit awkward, but she made sure I was comfortable and gave me guidance on what to do and by the end I was having so much fun. My photos came out great too!



28 April 2018

She didn't just take pictures; she captured the "moments" - the real and genuine emotions of the day. What a gift. Amia has our highest recommendation!



21 April 2018

I was amazed with the work of Amia Marcell, she captures with her camera feelings, moments that I wasn’t aware of and memories to treasure forever. Not to mention how sweet, cheerful and easy to work with her. Definitely if she is in your budget you can’t go wrong. More...



18 April 2018

Her photos tell a story. Our story that we will show our children in the future. We fell in love with her pictures for the first time one friend show us one of her weddings, and we could feel she was the right person to be documenting our essential day! We want to have someone who loves their job and who work with natural light and natural emotions. We couldn't be more happy with Amia! More...



31 March 2018

On the morning of our wedding, she arrives very early and she begging to work Knowing very well the place, looking at the different spaces available and organizing all our day!
She is very kind and so professional with her job, we loved how she makes magical every moment and every corner of our venue!



10 March 2018

We had an engagement session about three months before the wedding, which was an excellent opportunity to get to know her, and for her to get to know us. The memories captured far exceeded our expectations. Also, her help with all the process was wonderful; she could give us advice about other excellent vendors and tips for our timing day. More...



16 February 2018

We are VERY happy that we went with a amazing professional to forever immortalize our special day!! Amia Marcell Not only took a beautiful photos that we'll all treasure forever, but she also helped a great deal in the planning for the big day, she also helped from offering suggestions about the timeline to helping with unique and professional vendors!
She isn't just a photographer; she really becomes your friend throughout the process.



9 February 2018

She is amazing!! She takes the time to make the pictures close to perfect! She is such an easy person to do photos with. I can definitely tell how passionate she is. Her work is just breath taking. She is overall fantastic. More...



9 December 2017

I got married about two months ago. I was in desperate need of a photographer. Somebody recommended Amia Marcell and thank God she was available to help me out. We had a meeting where she explained everything she does and showed me some of the jobs the had done. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! She was very sweet and patient with us. It was our first time getting professional photos taken. Everything turned out amazing from the pre-wedding pictures to the photo album. Amia thank you once again for capturing every moment of our special day. More...


Luz Angela

25 November 2017

Amia was incredible! She captured all of the elements about our wedding in such a magical way. She did a fantastic job working with my big family and with us. She traveled to our city to shoot our engagement session, and this was so helpful for us. She's extremely responsive and very thoughtful, which was incredibly helpful throughout the whole wedding process. More...



11 November 2017

Amia was absolutely amazing!!! I would give her 10 stars if I could. She was so easy to work with, creative, professional, and always got the perfect shot! I highly recommend him if you want special photos of your special day :) Priceless! More...


Luz mery

21 October 2017

Amia Marcell is amazing! We loved working with her! With our engagement photos we wanted to do something unique and she made it happen, The photos also turned out AMAZING I am in love with them!!
She is very professional but also make you feel like your just out taking pictures with friends. I highly recommend her, you are going to be in a good hands .



21 October 2017

It was a wonderful experience!!! and the pictures are beautiful. Excellent Job!! :)



7 October 2017

Amia Marcell is very reliable, she truly understood my feelings and also my nerves that day, she managed very well every moment and made amazing feelings connections to get awesome memories.



23 September 2017

If you are looking for an experienced and professional photographer, then Amia Marcell is the one. She did an incredible job at the wedding of capturing the most beautiful moments.

everyone who has seen the pics has commented on how wonderful of a job she did.



26 August 2017

Hiring Amia was without a doubt one of the smartest wedding decisions we made. She and her husband Carlos went above and beyond our expectations, not only in the AMAZING photos but also in the relationship we were able to develop throughout the process. They are friendly, flexible, and very easy to work with. We found our engagement photos outstanding, but we were absolutely blown away by our wedding photos. More...



19 August 2017

We absolutely LOVED working with Amia! Not only her work is amazing, is also fantastic to work with her. After our first meeting with Amia, we knew she was the perfect fit for us! We loved the way she interacted with us, and our guests to make us feel comfortable throughout the entire wedding. More...



22 July 2017

Amia captured our engagement and wedding day with memories that show every moment like real time! She is very kind and lovely person. In the beginning, we were afraid of the process because it was our first time with a professional photographer, but she could handle very well the situation, and we felt very well, like as professional models.
She is very respectful, and her work never is going to interrupt your day!


Juan Fernando

15 July 2017

Work with Amia is something exceptional! You’ll never find another photographer so devoted to their art. She is such a lovely and flexible person.
Amia give us the opportunity to feel comfortable in all the process for the engagement session through the wedding day! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED



15 July 2017

Amia! Thank you for capturing everything that you did. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was our first time getting professional photos taken and we were very comfortable with her. She explained everything very clear at the first meeting and she had a lot of tools that help you go through your timeline day very easy. She gives us a beautiful video - slideshow that we could share with all our family! More...



1 June 2017

I highly recommend AMIA to everyone … She does such a fantastic job, and all her ideas for our pictures were stunning. We have now a lot of pictures that reflect all we want to have and our love and dreams through the years. More...



19 May 2017

Amia Marcell is an amazing photographer! She makes you feel very comfortable and takes wonderful candid photos. She makes sure to photograph everything that makes a wedding so special. Amia Marcell is truly an artist and we highly recommend her! More...



6 May 2017

Wonderful photographer really makes you feel comfortable and the quality of the pictures are beautiful and the colors are excellent. Really makes the moment change me to life. More...


Warren Collins

28 April 2017

We meet Amia until two days before our wedding, and I instantly felt comfortable talking to her about us and our big day. She was everywhere, and I didn't even realize it until she sent me our pictures. And what can I say, I am entirely IN LOVE with ALL of our photos!! I would recommend Amia to any bride and her family. More...



22 April 2017

Our photographs turned out amazing, Amia and her partner did such an excellent job of capturing moments that I didn't even catch with all the excitement! They seemed to have been in all the right places and I never also noticed they were there! I was able to view a sample of the pictures almost immediately and got the rest of them promptly. Amia did an excellent job of asking us questions to assure she knew what we wanted from her. I highly recommend her work. More...



14 April 2017

Our experience with Amia Marcell was awesome! My husband is very shy, and she achieves he feels very comfortable. Our pictures are stunning, and we couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so much, Amia for the beautiful memories! More...



14 April 2017

All I can say for Amia`s work is WOW!!! From the first time, we meet she was seriously amazing. Amia made us feel so comfortable every moment through the photography process. She is really good giving you direction and ideas for photos. Her work absolutely worth every penny. More...



29 March 2017

Amia was the photographer for our wedding day and we couldn't have been happier! She is very talented and an absolute pleasure to work with. She arrived precisely a time when she said, and she jumped right into the chaos that was our wedding. Her positive attitude and friendly demeanor helped everyone to feel comfortable, and she captured some beautiful moments of our special day. More...



4 March 2017

Amia was incredible! She captured all of the elements about our wedding in such a magical way. She did a fantastic job working with my big family and with us. She traveled to our city to shoot our engagement session, and this was so helpful for us. She's extremely responsive and very thoughtful, which was incredibly helpful throughout the whole wedding process. More...



22 December 2016

Amia perfectly captured the essence of our engagement, wedding, and reception, and I highly recommend her to any bride (or anyone at all) who are looking for a high-quality photographer with a friendly attitude. I never had a problem getting a hold of her during planning, and the pictures didn't take long at all after the wedding day. Amia with her team was always helping us with the little details, and their work is not intrusive. More...



17 September 2016

We couldn't be more in love with Amia's photos from our wedding! Amia did a terrific job capturing every little detail of the day. We got married on Tybee Island, which she knows quite well, and so she was able to direct us to specific locations and set up photos that are just stunning. The memories captured far exceeded our expectations. Also, his price point is excellent. More...


George Olson

10 September 2016

Every time I look through our pictures, I am immediately on that day... Amia truly captured all of the love and fun that surrounded us at our venue. She was always so responsive whenever I e-mailed or called with any questions, and she was more than excellent with how quickly she had our sneak-peek pictures. More...



13 August 2016

Amia was terrific to work with, and she made our wedding a truly magical experience that we can relive for years to come. She is friendly, professional, responsive and open to input. Amia went to our venue the week before our wedding and found interesting spots our wedding day pictures were planned out precisely. More...



25 June 2016

Amia was both our wedding photographer and our engagement session photographer, and she was AMAZING. Amia is genuinely talented and passionate about her profession. If you are looking for a skilled natural light photographer, she is the best. Her photos are so timeless and thoughtful. We’ll be her clients for many years to come. More...


Maria Owston

4 June 2016

Amia is a fantastic photographer and my husband, and I can't thank her enough for his incredible work capturing our Engagement and Wedding photos. She's creative, professional, and takes her time getting the right shots that make you say "wow." Thank you, Amia! More...



30 April 2016

I cannot imagine anyone else doing the photography work at my wedding, and she finds so much beauty that I was expecting. Amia makes our day magical, and she was always very supportive throughout the process. I would not hesitate to hire her again or recommend her to anyone! More...



21 November 2015

it was wonderful. very professional and his charisma with the people is spectacular

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